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Health Benefits of Good Dog Grooming

Grooming is a very important process if you wish to keep your dog as healthy as possible, which is basically what any responsible pet owner wants. Neglecting your dog’s grooming needs can and usually does lead to a couple of different health issues that can bother your four-legged friend considerably.

Poor grooming is better than no grooming, but it’s still not good enough as it could also lead to some complications on the long run. Therefore, it’s crucial for any dog owner to provide their pet with an adequate grooming service regularly because it will surely improve their overall health condition and keep them happy.

But what kind of health benefits does good dog grooming offer exactly?

Benefit #1: Professional groomers are gentle and experienced with their tools

A lot of grooming tools are relatively dangerous when they’re being used by an inexperienced person. According to, sharp grooming tools such as shears, scissors, clippers, nail grinders, and the rest could potentially hurt your dog’s skin by slicing it or piercing it if they aren’t used properly.

Professional dog groomers are less likely to hurt your dog while grooming them, simply because they have a lot of experience and are ready for any kind of unexpected situation. If your dog starts fiddling around in the middle of the process, they can easily end up hurting themselves accidentally. But with a professional around, that is less likely to happen because they know both how to calm and relax the dog, and how to prevent them from injuring themselves.

Benefit #2: A professional has the best products at their disposal

Dog groomers are very knowledgeable about different coat types, different dog breeds, and all of their needs and the products which suit each one of them best. Some dogs require special shampoos that make their hair soft enough so that it can be easily brushed, others need special products that clean their wrinkles properly, and some require certain ear or teeth cleaning products to get rid of the leftover bacteria or filth.

A professional groomer has all of those items and much more at their disposal, which means that they can provide your dog with the best possible service and prevent even the slightest chance of grooming related health issues from occurring.

Benefit #3: A professional groomer can spot parasites and skin problems

This is a very difficult thing to do if you aren’t trained for it. Luckily, groomers all know how to notice parasites and since they get a lot of practice, they are extremely skilled and able to do so in a flash.

They will find any ticks that have found their way into your dog’s coat and they’ll get rid of each and every one of them. And since they thoroughly go through the hairs when washing and drying it, they can also spot any skin infections or inflammations and help you to take care of them. If the issue is more complex, they’ll point you to the veterinarian who’ll help diagnose the problem.

Benefit #4: Good DOG grooming guarantees a healthy dog, and a healthy dog is a happy dog

When a dog has something that is bothering them, like an itching sensation or a stinging pain caused by entangled hairs or ticks or something of that sort, something that could have been prevented with proper grooming, they can be very moody or nervous.

This can get in the way of them socializing with other dogs or bonding with their owner, which in turn leads to them being sad or depressed. But if they are healthy and nothing bothers them, they will surely be happy and vigorous, always ready to make friends and play, just like a dog should be.

Benefit #5: If you do it yourself, it will be a great bonding activity for you and your dog

If you have enough free time and a lot of patience, you can get yourself a pair of dog hair clippers, a brush, a pair of shears, and a comb. Then with the help of some online instructional videos, and some serious dedication, along a bit of perseverance, you’ll be able to trim or stylize their hair in no time.

Since you’ll be spending some time with your canine friend, you’ll improve your bond and develop an even closer relationship that will last for a long time. All you have to do is to make sure that your furry companion gets the treatment they deserve so that they can stay by your side for a long time.

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