Who Should Adopt Senior Dogs

Senior dogs can make great companions! Pet adoption can be the answer when you are looking for someone to share your life with and someone who will give you unconditional love. Dogs are excellent companions and will shower their pet parents with love and affection. Senior dogs can be the perfect pet adoption candidates for many types of prospective pet parents.


If you are thinking about pet adoption, take a look at some reasons why elder dogs may be the perfect match for you.


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You are a first time pet owner.

Puppies are a big responsibility and require a lot of training. First time pet owners may not be aware of how difficult it is to train a young dog. Ease yourself into pet ownership by adopting a senior dog. These dogs have received some training and may be quick learners. They are also generally calmer and less likely to destroy your property or chew on your new shoes.


You are too busy to train and exercise a puppy.

Young dogs require tons of time and attention. They have to be trained, exercised, and supervised constantly. If you find yourself out of the house a majority of the time, an older dog may be a better fit for your home. Older dogs can be more self-sufficient. Senior dogs have reached their maturity levels and have less energy to burn than puppies, so they won’t be running around the house as much.


You desire a calming presence.

The older a dog is, the mellower their personality might get. When looking for a canine companion, keep in mind the personality of the dog that would make the best fit in your household. Make sure your family and your new furry friend are compatible. If you desire a calming atmosphere in your home with an immense about of love and friendship, an older pet may be the answer.


When you are looking for an addition to your family, don’t automatically default to opening your home to a new puppy. Instead, consider the benefits of adopting a calmer, trained senior dog.

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