How to Mentally Stimulate Your Senior Dog

Do you find your dog getting destructive in his old age? This may be because your canine companion has outgrown their everyday routine. Dogs need both mental and physical stimulation to feel fulfilled and relaxed. As your pet ages it may be difficult to find activities that mentally stimulate your furry friend and allow him to be physically active. Don’t stress! There is one motivator that will work for dogs of all ages: food. Allow your dog to earn their food by using these three tasks!

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Use the reward system. Give your dog a task to complete like a puzzle, or maze. Once your dog has successfully completed a portion of the puzzle or found their way through the maze feed them. Not only will your dog feel accomplished, they will also be tired from all the activity and spend their time relaxing rather than destroying your beloved possessions.

Teach your dog manners.  Obedience training is never out of style. If you find your dog forgetting the basics of their training or you simply want them to learn a new trick, use food as their motivator. It may be more effective to reward them for good behavior with a full meal rather than a small treat.

Get in touch with your canine’s natural instinct. Scatter your dog’s dried kibble across an appropriate surface and let them search for each piece. The action alone of finding all the small pieces of food will mentally stimulate your dog an keep him occupied for a long period of time. This is not only good to get your dog up ad moving, but will also support your dog’s natural desire to  forage for food.

Remember these tips when you see your four-legged companion is negatively acting out.

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