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DIY Pet Projects

Showcase your love for dogs with these great DIY pet projects. Whether you are making them to decorate your house or to give to a friend or family member, these three DIY dog crafts will be sure to brighten up your day!

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1. Doggy picture frame.

Find a picture frame that includes three sections. Before purchasing, consider how large your dog’s paw is to decide what size each section needs to be. To create the top section, dip your dog’s paw in washable paint and carefully place the paw on a piece of paper. We suggest using thick cardstock. Let the paw print dry completely and place it in the picture frame. For the middle section, take a picture of your dog or a family picture including your furry friend. Print the image in the appropriate size for your frame. For the third section, you can handwrite or print information about your pet, such as their name and birthday. There you go, you have a beautiful decoration and a great way to showcase your canine companion.

2. Clay paw print.

Create a lovely paw print to hang up or use as a paperweight on your desk at work. The first step is to buy clay in the color of your choice. Take a fair amount (depending on the size of your dog) and shape it into a circle, star, square, or any shape you desire. The depth should be at least 1 inch, but can be as big as 2 inches. Take the dog’s paw and press it on the clay, making sure to be gentle with your furry friend. The paw should not be touching any of the edges of the clay. Lift the dog’s paw and make sure the imprint looks good, for example, it is nicely centered on the clay. Then leave the claw out to dry. Drying can vary on the size and brand of the clay. For quicker drying, place your creation outside. Optional: Paint the clay once it drys or write the dog’s name on the clay.

3. Doggy Bookends.

You can find everything you need for this DIY project at your favorite craft store. Find two small wooden or plastic dog figurines, two small, rectangular blocks of wood, and spray paint in the color of your choice. If you don’t have superglue at home, be sure to pick that up too. Now you’re ready to make these stylish bookends. First glue the figurines on top of the blocks of wood. Let dry and then take your creation outside and spray paint it in your favorite color. Then display your simple DIY project on your book shelf!
diy dog bookends


Now you’re ready to make these three simple doggy DIY projects to decorate your space. Be sure to share your DIY projects with us in the comments.


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  1. Diana Swinton says:

    These are some absolutely awesome ideas! And they even seem easy enough for me! haha I am going to share this with my daughter – she is the super crafty one – and good at it! 🙂

    • Isaac Brody says:

      That is great! We are so happy you like these ideas. Let us know what your daughter thinks and share photos of any pet crafts she makes 🙂


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