Gonzo: DGP’s June Dog of the Month

Introducing Gonzo, DGP’s June Dog of the Month! This nine year old Chihuahua was rescued from a no-kill shelter in 2011.

His pet parents, Cindy and Jerry, met him through the foster system. After six months with Gonzo in their care, he became an official part of the family. They haven’t looked back since and even continue to foster other dogs for shorter periods of time.

This energetic pup loves to play fetch with his toys and run around the kitchen.  Over the last year, the playful pup didn’t enjoy his toys nearly as much. Not only that, but he would tire out more easily from playtime. As foster pet parents, Cindy and Jerry have seen the signs of aging in numerous dogs over the years. Once they noticed the signs in Gonzo, they began using DGP to help get their canine back to his favorite activities.

DGP has helped keep this pup active and he now enjoys playtime and daily walks with both Cindy and Jerry. Gonzo can even keep up with his foster pet siblings, both young and old. You might even find them all playing fetch together and sliding across the kitchen floor to reach a toy first.

Gonzo’s pet parents are happy to share DGP with all the dogs that come through their home .

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