A Pet’s Guide to Halloween

Have you found the perfect Halloween costume for your pet? Halloween is all about fun and games, dressing up in costume, and trick or treating, so why not include your pet. DGP is here with tips to keep your dog safe on All Hallows’ Eve this year!

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Stay calm, cool, and collected.

Dogs are easily excitable, and while many of them enjoy being around people, Halloween can be a stressful time for even the most composed pet. Costumes, masks, and caps may change a pets’ perception of people. Not only is a change in appearance confusing, but tricks played on people could be cause for “puppy panic.” It is best to keep dogs out of these situations. If you plan on hosting a Halloween celebration, keep your pet away from some of the action, unless you know your dog won’t be “spooked.”


No tricks, no treats.

Sharing food with our pets may be enjoyable, but Halloween candy is not good for your pet. Chocolate, gum, and almost all candies may be poisonous to our pets. To keep them healthy and happy, store Halloween treats out of reach of pets. If you think your pet got into the Halloween candy and is reacting badly, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Instead, you can give your dog a special bone to stay occupied and out of harm’s way.


To dress up or not to dress up.

Let’s be honest, Halloween is all about the costumes. Pets deserve to be in on the fun as well. If you plan on dressing your pet up, ensure that the costume fits properly.  The costume will be very uncomfortable if it is too small or too big. Your dog still needs to be able to move around. Make sure the costume does not impede your pet’s ability to bark, walk, see, hear, or breathe. Also remember to dress pets appropriately and ensure that their costumes do not create any choking hazards. Do not give your pet a costume with tiny pieces or easily detachable or chewable accessories.


ID your pet.

Make sure your pet has proper identification. If you plan to take your pet out on the town for Halloween, ensure that the proper tags are accounted for on the collar. Hopefully you won’t need the identification and your pet will stay close. Worst case scenario, your pet is only a phone call away and can be safely returned home if for some reason he or she strays from you in a crowd.


You have a dog, not a gatekeeper.

Trick or treaters will be arriving at the door all night long. To avoid your pet darting out the door, set aside a room for your pet to relax in while the visitors come and go. This will allow for your pet to stay relaxed and you to enjoy all the fun costumes of the season!

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Happy Halloween!

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