Ruff Start Rescue: DGP Cares 2015 Winner

Congratulations to our second place 2015 DGP Cares Paws for a Cause winner: Ruff Start Rescue!

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Ruff Start all began with a dog named Hope in January 2010. Hope was living in a shelter in Ohio with heartworm. Ruff Start President, Azure, decided to take Hope in and arrange for her to be moved to Illinois, where a volunteer pilot and his wife flew Hope and one other rescue to Princeton, MN where Ruff Start is located.



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What a journey Hope was on! Although sick, she arrived in good spirits and was placed in a foster home where she received proper love, care, and attention. Hope’s foster family couldn’t part with this loving dog, so they decided to adopt her and become her forever family.


This story of love, hope, and devotion inspired Azure to continue to work to save dogs all over the country. If Hope could have a happy ending, so could many other dogs in need, with a little help and support.


Ruff Start Rescue’s mission is to save animals whose lives are at risk. The organization educates the community about the importance of animal rescue and responsibility. Ruff Start empowers the next generation of potential pet owners with the knowledge of how to be a responsible guardian for animals. Every animal deserves the chance to live a quality life and Ruff Start helps to make that a reality for as many animals as possible.


Ruff Start does not have a shelter. The organization believes that home environments are more conducive to an animal’s overall happiness than a life in a shelter. Ruff Start runs foster care programs where animals live in a home and Ruff Start covers the costs. Fosters can remain in homes for only a week or for several months. Sometimes there are even stories like Hope’s where foster families can’t part with their lovable foster pet and their home becomes the pet’s forever home.


If you are interested in getting involved, visit:









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