German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County: DGP Cares 2015 Winner

Congratulations to our first place 2015 DGP Cares Paws for a Cause winner: German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County!


GSROC’s mission is rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for purebred German Shepherd dogs that are in need.


Driven by volunteers, GSROC is funded entirely by private donations. The organization houses dogs in foster homes and private boarding facilities. They strive to one day own a kennel facility for boarding dogs while they wait to be welcomed into permanent, loving arms. DGP’s donation will help GSROC care for the dogs currently in their foster homes, and hopefully help GSROC on their way to establishing their own kennel facility.


Half of the dogs under GSROC’s care come directly from owners who can no longer care for their pet for one reason or another, such as illness, moving, or lifestyle changes. The other 50% of the dogs come from public animal shelters throughout Southern California who are unclaimed or unwanted. GSROC strives to save as many of these neglected dogs as possible, even with limited space and facilities.


The adoption process at GSROC all begins with an application to screen individuals who wish to adopt a German Shepherd. Applications are reviewed for factors such as experience level, lifestyle, and other pets in the home to make sure the potential adopter will provide a loving and appropriate home. Potential adopters are encouraged to meet with several German Shepherds at the rescue, along with their whole family and any other pets, to choose “the one.” Once the individual has found his or her family’s new furry friend, GSROC takes the process to the next level and performs a routine home visit to ensure a proper surrounding for the dog.


Overpopulation in the pet community continues to be a rampant issue and costs 6-8 million innocent animal lives each year. Approximately 25% of these animals are purebred. GSROC chooses to focus on German Shepherds to help a special niche community and significantly decrease the number of lives lost in that particular category of dogs.


Currently, GSROC only places dogs in the greater Southern California area. If you are a dog lover and do not have the facilities to adopt, but would like to help out, volunteering is a wonderful option. GSROC welcomes dog walkers, as well as assistance with home visits, promotion at adoption events, transportation to and from veterinarian’s offices, and helping with fundraisers. 


If you are interested in getting involved, visit:






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