Lilly Dog of the Month

DGP’s February Dog of the Month: Lilly


Meet Lilly, our February Dog of the Month! Lilly is a 17 year old rescue dog from Elder Paws Senior Dog Rescue. She came to the rescue when she was 14 years old. Cathie Garnier, Elder Paws Senior Dog Rescue’s Executive Director, took her in as a foster. Cathie fell in love with Lilly and later decided to adopt her. Lilly is a sweet dog. She loves to cuddle up by the fireplace during the colder months to stay warm and cozy.

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When Lilly was brought to Elder Paws, she was experiencing hair loss, poor skin conditions, dental issues, slight obesity, as well as some hearing and sight impairments. She also had joint discomfort with swelling in her joints and a limping right leg. Over the 3 years that Cathie first had her, she sadly witnessed Lilly’s condition beginning to worsen. Lilly was experiencing more stiffness especially in the colder months. Walking was becoming more difficult and it would take a lot more time for Lilly to get from one place to another. It was clear that Lilly needed some relief to get back to her fun-loving self.

February Dog of the Month

Cathie discovered DGP when her organization, Elder Paws Senior Dog Rescue, was one of the three charities that won our DGP Cares “Paws for a Cause” contest back in July 2015. She says that after taking the DGP supplement, she has noticed that Lilly is a little less stiff and moving faster than she was a few months ago. She can also tell that Lilly is moving more easily and freely about the house. Cathie even noted that Lilly definitely runs quickly to her food bowl when it is meal time!

After the success she has found with Lilly using DGP, Cathie has also introduced the product to other senior dogs at Elder Paws in need of some relief from joint discomfort.

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