Pet Adoption: Senior Dog Edition

Senior dogs deserve forever homes too! When looking for a new furry addition for your family, think older, not younger. Senior dogs can be just as fun, adorable, and lovable as puppies. Help make a senior dog’s golden years more enjoyable through adoption!

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Reasons why you should adopt a senior dog:

    1. Be a hero. Adopting a senior dog and providing them with a home means saving their lives. While animal shelters do their best to give your four legged friends everything they need, a loving home cannot be duplicated. Share your home, family, and heart with an elder dog to create unforgettable experiences!
    2. They make loving companions. Furry friends in general are typically very loving pets, and adopted dogs are no exception. In fact, adopted senior dogs are often aware of their situation and are usually grateful to be rescued and welcomed into a new home. They will always make their owners feel appreciated and loved for giving them a second chance at life.
    3. Skip the unpredictable puppy years. Canine companions are great at any age, but an older pup up for adoption is very likely to already be trained. This just means more time for fun activities! Not only can you have more fun with your barking buddy, but they are less likely to have indoor accidents or destroy your home.
    4. They are calm. When you sleep, they sleep! Just like you, senior dogs like to feel well-rested and relaxed. Instead of waking you up when you are sleeping or napping, they cuddle up next to you and enjoy your presence.
    5. They are independent. Older dogs have lived a long life and are more comfortable taking care of themselves. Leaving your senior dog at home while you are at work or running errands, in most cases, is safe! After your dog has adapted to his or her new environment, they won’t find it difficult to be independent.

Remember these reasons and consider adopting a senior dog when your family is ready for a new furry addition!

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