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Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

Regular grooming is very much essential for your beloved pet. No matter if you have a small furball or a giant breed, every type of dog can benefit from grooming. Just like dog sizes, the price of grooming services can significantly vary too.

Just like wait staff, delivery drivers, bartenders, and massage therapists, dog grooming requires a certain level of personal attention. This results in the question of whether or not you should tip your dog groomer. If yes, how much? Continue reading to find out.

Do Dog Groomers Deserve a Tip?

In a simple word, yes. Dog groomers are performing a service for you. From helping your dog to the grooming table to bathing them, clipping their nails, to trimming their hair, they offer a host of services that require personal attention. Moreover, in most cases, they go above and beyond to accommodate your needs.

They try their very best to provide quality services and often leave you satisfied with the end results. It is also essential to talk about the amount of risk they carry. Most dog groomers get bitten regularly. It sure makes a lot of sense to show some gratitude by tipping.

How Much Should You Tip a Dog Groomer?

It is not easy to determine a fixed amount. But just like you tip the wait staff around 15%-20% of the meal, you can consider tipping 15%-20% to your dog groomer. Consider this the tipping range.

You can go for 15% if you are impressed but not super impressed with the services. Go for the higher end of the spectrum if the services were top notch.

You should also consider how cooperative your dog generally is. If your dog is difficult to deal with or is generally not very comfortable in a grooming facility, you can understand that the groomer might have required extra effort to manage your dog. You can tip more in such cases.

Remember that every tip adds up to the groomer’s revenue and can help them grow their business, purchase a new grooming table, or offer other services.

Tipping Your Dog Groomer

The decision to tip or not is entirely up to you. But there is no denying that dog groomers offer personalized attention to every dog, and the grooming job is not the easiest. Also, a grooming session could include many different effort-consuming and often risky services. Think about this the next time you take your pet to a dog groomer.

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