October 2020 Adoptable Dog of the Month — Pogo

Pogo is a roughly 10-month-old cattle dog mix who was rescued from Tucson, Arizona shelter when he was brought in as a stray, missing a paw. Pogo was born this way and will require a special “pawsthetic” to help him live a happy, pain-free life. He isn’t in any pain now, as he has adapted to his different abilities, but he will need assistance as his body grows, and a prosthetic will help to alleviate pressure and give him the ability to run and play just like all his friends.

This male pooch is a happy, friendly guy who embraces differences and inspires others to do the same. Different is beautiful; and he shows how beautiful the world can be. The good people at Cooper’s Chance are inspired every day by his persistence and strength, and with a full heart, they say: Go POGO Go! #TeamPogo

Pogo is currently in foster care at Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue in Gilbert, Arizona and will remain with them for several months, until he receives all the care he needs. You can contact Cooper’s Chance for more information on how to adopt Pogo, or another animal in need of a home, by clicking here.

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