dog car safety

Dog Car Safety

Dog car safety is an often overlooked aspect of pet ownership. According to a recent statistic, 84% of all dog parents didn’t restrain their dogs in the car. An unrestrained 70-pound dog will exert roughly 2,800 pounds of force in a crash at 40 miles per hour. Can you imagine how fatal that is and damage the force can cause to the person in its way?

Apart from that, letting your dog roam free in the car can also cause a lot of distraction and may lead to accidents. Another common thing that people do is to let their pup stick its head out of the window. While your dog may feel good enjoying the views and the cool breezes, it is dangerous. There may be flying pebbles or other sharp items that will potentially hit their eyes. Even if that doesn’t happen, the air can quickly dry your dog’s eyes and cause ulcers.

What’s even worse is that they might jump out of the car and get hit by the incoming vehicles if something catches their attention. No pet owner wants to risk any of the above scenarios. Does it sound like there are too many things that we think are fine to do can actually put your dog’s life at risk? What if I tell you there are more?

Yes, that’s right; there are more than just the above scenarios. And that’s why we decided to put together a list of dog car safety tips in the hope of trying to make road trips safer for humans’ best friend. Not only should we be trying to keep our dogs safe in the car, but also to make the trips more enjoyable for them as a responsible pet parent.

dog car safety

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