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12 Tips for Pet-Friendly Decorating

Just like children, having pets will determine what kind of home decor you will have. Because let’s be honest–they will ruin your carpets, get hair everywhere, and sometimes even break your valuables. To avoid any of this from happening here are 12 tips for decorating a pet-friendly home.

Don’t go out and buy expensive rugs

Of course, you will be able to have rugs in your home, just don’t buy ones that are expensive. Even if you have a pet that is well-behaved and trained, they can get sick on it and your carpet that cost hundreds of dollars is ruined in seconds. Choose ones that you can just tough out and get a new one if something happens to it.

Forget about wall-to-wall carpet

As we all know, carpets will absorb not only odors but it will trap pet hair and soak up everything like a sponge. To avoid a disaster of having to rip out all your carpeting because of one stain, avoid having carpet in the first place.

Go with hard surface floors

Whatever type of pet you have, bare floors are the way to go for pet-friendly decorating. Hardwood floors are great because they are easily cleaned and they look amazing. But the best option are tiles because they are resistant to stains as well as wear and tear.

Pet-friendly decorating does not include breakable things

Just like with kids, fragile decor and pets will never mix. One tail swing or miscalculated jump and your decorations are shattered. In most cases, the problems are not broken decorations but hurt pets.

Match upholstery to fur color

When you have a pet you will need to decorate your whole home according to them. If you have a grey or black pet, pick colours that match them and if you have light furred pets pick colors that match their fur. It is the most practical way to not show all the hair on the furniture.

Keep their toys in a basket

Pets are messy and that’s not a secret. To make sure that you are keeping the messes minimised and your home looking tidy and nicely decorated, keep their toys off the floor. The best way to do so is to keep them in a nice basket where your pet can easily reach them but this skill looks cute.

Go with semi-gloss wall paint

In humid places like Australia, even if your pet is groomed regularly there will be smudges on the walls where they sleep or sit. That is why most painters in North Shore will recommend that you use semi-gloss paint on your walls if you want to be able to wipe away all the dirt. There are a few finishes that you can choose from, but it is better to have glossy walls than having them dirty.

You should use stain-resistant fabrics

Once you have a pet you can say goodbye to fabrics such as silk or velvet. Instead, find materials that are somewhat indestructible, as well as resistant to smells and stains. There are many types of fabrics you can choose that are easily washable and bleached, yet elegant and pretty.

Put washable fabrics on your bed

Along with pickling stain-resistant fabric you should pick something that is easily washable for your bed. If your pets sleep with you, an accident could happen, whether they are getting sick on it or peeing. If they have their designated sleeping spot, you can put a rubber pad under the sheet, so you stop any liquid from getting on the mattress. It is best that you pick cotton sheets that are meant to be washed in hot temperatures, as well as bleached.

Vacuum daily

Even though vacuuming is not technically pet-friendly decorating, it will make your home look cleaner, therefore it will look more put together. Overall it will make your home looking fresh and all the decor, as well as furniture, will pop more.

Make them their designated space

Most people create mud rooms for their pets in the entrance space, while others strongly disagree with this. No matter where you decide to put their cleaning and sleeping space, you should make it look nice. Make a little cute station where you can wipe their paws as well as a space where they can be in their kennel, or where they can sleep on their bed.

Display only pet-friendly plants

Every home has plants as a decoration, some have less, and some have more. But when you have a pet it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any plants, you just need to pick ones that won’t kill them if they eat some. The most common toxic plants are aloe vera, azalea and dieffenbachia.

It’s important that you realise that your pets don’t appreciate your decor, but with a couple of good tips, you will be able to have a nicely decorated home. You will have to comes to terms with the fact that your home will be messy and hairy at times.

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