How to Take Care of Your Dog During a Pandemic

Although dogs are used to being alone while you are at work, during the current pandemic lockdown, they can be difficult to deal with as they will seek your attention constantly while you have to work from home. Here is how you can take care of your dogs and keep them entertained.

Keep the same routine

Dogs, like humans, need routines. Try to keep the same sleeping routine by making your dog get up and go to bed at the same time every day. Feed them and walk them at the same hour each day too. You probably can’t take your pooches to the dog park or for a long walk yet, but try to keep the same times of day you used to walk them, so they keep the same routine once you go back to work.

Have the essentials

Make sure you have enough supplies so you don’t run out of dog food, supplements, treats, poop bags, toys, or medicine if your dog needs it. Have at least two weeks of stock as these products can take longer to ship. These essentials are going to keep your dog healthy and happy during the lockdown.

Look after their diet

Probably your dog is used to being more active by taking long walks and being outside playing with other dogs; being in a lockdown affects our pets too as they will not be as active. Keep the same food portions that you usually give. Try not to give bites of everything you are eating, you might think it’s just a little piece of pizza or a couple of treats because he is a good boy, but dogs are not used to eating extra things all the time. That can lead to an overweight problem or your dog can potentially get sick from all this extra human food.

Keep them entertained during the pandemic

Dogs are the best companion on this pandemic lockdown, but if you don’t want your dog to chew all your shoes, you need to keep them distracted and entertained. You can do these simple but fun exercises with your dog:

  • Play hide and seek inside the house
  • Hide treats all over the house
  • Freeze treats like blueberries or pieces of banana inside cube ices
  • Give them different toys so they don’t get bored from the same one
  • Train simple commands like sit, stay, come
  • Give them access to a window so they can look outside

This will be a perfect time to bond with your dog, and keep you entertained as well!

Keep a comfortable space for them

Dogs are hyper-sensitive and can feel what is happening around them. They can get anxious too. Have a comfortable place for your four-legged companion to rest. Put on some relaxing music, and pet your doggo so they can relax. This will help you calm too!

Dogs know something is going on and they need to feel that you are taking care of them. Give your pet lots of love, hugs, and snuggles. They are our best friends and they make us happy; we should make sure they are happy too!

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