Natalie Wood

May 2020 Dog of the Month: Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood (the giant schnauzer, not the actress!) is our May 2020 Dog of the Month. She is four years old and was adopted about five months ago from Skansen Kennels in Sebastopol, California. She has a brother, a ten-year-old Bouvier that Natalie bosses around, even though he is her older brother! Her brother won a prize at Westminster this year.

Miss Natalie Wood has many stuffed animals that she enjoys carrying around, but she is not a destroyer—she never rips up her toys and is very gentle. Whenever she hears giant schnauzer puppies yipping in a Facebook post, she runs up to her pet parent and looks at the phone. She knows her breed! Natalie is also a certified bed hog—she takes up 75% of her parent’s bed while allowing her parent a measly 25%.

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