5 Ways Technology Has Improved Pet Care

Technology is improving at an ever-accelerated rate, making our lives easier in ways we could never have dreamed of. Every year cameras are getting better and smartphones more powerful, but it is also revolutionizing the way we look after our pets. There is a world of new smart pet technology out there, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Keep reading for five ways tech has improved how we care for our four-legged friends.

Smart Toys

You may have seen videos of pets riding smart vacuum cleaners, but did you know there is actually a huge variety of smart toys designed for your pet? From automatic tennis ball throwers for your dog to robotic mice for your cat, there is a host of new and exciting toys for your furry friends. Say goodbye to chewed-up furniture—interactive toys can help keep your pet engaged all day long. Best of all, these won’t cost you an arm and a leg, with many companies competing to provide you with the best for less.

Microchipping Technology

Microchipping has been around now since the 1980s and has reunited countless pets with their families. The chip itself is small as a grain of rice and works like a barcode. As small as they are, these little chips have had an enormous impact on pet care. Lost dogs with microchips are successfully returned to their families twice as often as those without. The process only takes a short amount of time and lasts a lifetime. Microchips worked so well in reducing the number of pets lost to shelters that many countries have now made it a compulsory part of owning a pet. Some pet doors can even be programmed to only let your pet in by recognizing their unique microchip.

Veterinary Care

Advances in veterinary care have developed side by side with human healthcare, and clinics are now better than ever. Vets are more equipped to treat complex health problems thanks to a host of new technology. Best of all, with the rapidly decreasing cost of technology, vets are now able to treat complex diseases at an affordable price.

Automatic Dispensers

Slow feeders have been around for a while. From simple puzzles containing treats to time-release mechanisms, new tech has changed the way we feed our pets. These new smart feeders can help create a regular feeding schedule and give you some flexibility when you need to stay out. Some smart feeders are even Wi-fi enabled and fitted with cameras so you can check on your pets and dispense food with a touch of a button.


There are now thousands of apps dedicated to helping us care for our furry friends.

·       Fido pet adoptions: This is a free app that helps keep animals out of shelters by uniting them with loving families. With hundreds of thousands of pets on the app, finding a new pet for you and your family has never been easier.

·       ShareMyPet & BorrowMyDoggy: These apps connect dog owners to local and verified dog lovers in the community. Free for owners, these apps can help keep your four-legged friend happy and exercised when you find yourself low on time.

·       PupTox: Curious pups can get their noses into all kinds of mischief, but it can be hard to know if what they’ve eaten could be toxic. PupTox contains a vast database of substances helping keep your pooch safe while giving you total peace of mind.

Improve pet care and help keep your four-legged friends happy with technology. Discover new smart pet care technology today!

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