How to Keep Your Pet Safe in an Emergency + Emergency Kit Checklist

Disasters often strike without warning, which is why it’s so important to prepare your pet for an emergency. Your pet is likely already scared if something out of the ordinary is going on — so having a set place for them to go and safety protocols can make keeping your pet safe in an emergency as easy as possible. 

What to Include in Your Pet Emergency Kit

In an emergency, you likely won’t have time to run around and gather everything you need. Instead, have a pet emergency kit ready and make sure the whole family knows where it’s at. Include things like:

  • Leash and harness: To make traveling with your pet as easy as possible
  • A collar and ID: In case your pet loses their ID or collar in the emergency
  • Pet’s health history: including your pet’s microchip and any surgeries or past health issues
  • Medications and supplements: Bring a seven day supply and a copy of the instructions
  • Blanket or clothes: To keep your pet warm in case of cold weather
  • Pet first aid kit: Include gauze pads, adhesive tape, and hydrogen peroxide
  • Food and water: At least a seven-day supply of pet food and water
  • Plastic bags: For pet waste or feeding in a pinch
  • Pet carrier or crate: A pet carrier is easier for transporting your pet in precarious situations

Preparing your pet for an emergency isn’t a fun thing to do, but it is an important one. You never know when something might happen, and having everything ready to go for your furry friend can help ensure they stay safe by your side throughout the ordeal.

You should also practice an evacuation routine with your pet. While it’s likely that your pet won’t remember or be trained for this emergency, it can help make sure your family knows what to do (and prevent your pet from being scared if they’ve been through the practice routine before). For a complete guide to keeping your pet safe in an emergency, check out the complete disaster supply checklist here.

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