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Bringing Home a New Puppy: How to Prepare

After receiving the big news of when you’re bringing home a new puppy, you’re likely eager to start getting everything ready. It’s easy to think about an essential puppy checklist that includes supplies such as an ID tag with a collar and leash, quality food, and health supplements, along with a comfy dog bed and […]

How to Care For Your Pets While Moving Across the Country

A long distance move is always going to be a challenge for anyone, double so when moving with pets. The only way to make it a less overwhelming experience is to hire reputable long distance movers and opt for what is known as a full-service move. A full-service move takes the burden of moving out […]

How to Become a Dog Groomer

Congratulations on your decision to become a dog groomer. You’ve selected a career path that is profitable, rewarding, and dynamic. What’s more is when compared to some careers, being a dog groomer can be easier to get into. So, what do you need to do in order to become a dog groomer? Here are the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Grooming At Home

Grooming your dog regularly is important for all types of breeds. It’s the best way to help them maintain a tangle-free and shiny coat, while also allowing you to check them for skin issues and parasites. You may decide to hire a professional groomer to do more difficult jobs like clipping their nails and trimming […]

Camping with Pets: Tick Prevention, Removal & Safety

Camping and hiking is a great way for your dog to experience new sights and smells, get some exercise, and spend time with you. However, the outdoors may expose you to some unwelcome and dangerous pests, like ticks. If you’ve spent time in wooded or grassy areas while hiking or camping, you may have encountered […]

How to Keep Your Cat off The Kitchen Counter + More Pet Kitchen Safety

Nothing is sweeter than your pet following you around wherever you go. They rub up against your legs, stick their heads up for pets, or start licking you to get your full attention. While we appreciate this endearing behavior, there’s one place in your home where it’s not at all cute but actually dangerous: your […]

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in an Emergency + Emergency Kit Checklist

Disasters often strike without warning, which is why it’s so important to prepare your pet for an emergency. Your pet is likely already scared if something out of the ordinary is going on — so having a set place for them to go and safety protocols can make keeping your pet safe in an emergency […]

Top Tips for Selecting A Pet Insurance Plan

By Susan Doktor We’ve said it dozens of times before: healthy pets are happy pets and make for happier homes. Pet lovers clearly understand this. In 2019, responsible dog and cat owners in the US invested nearly $96 billion in veterinary care. That’s a lot of money in aggregate. But it also breaks down to […]

Top Helpers to Deal with Furry Pets

There’s nothing more heart-warming than owning a pet, as it gives a whole new life to every home. Some might prefer the company of a cat, others the playfulness of a dog, some prefer the cuteness of a bunny, and a few might just have them all. However, as different as these pets may be, […]

February 2021 Dog of the Month: Pantera

Meet our February 2021 Dog of the Month, Pantera! This two-year-old pit bull/greyhound mix was adopted when she was but a two-month-old puppy by her human mom and dad. This playful pooch’s favorite toys are anything that she can rip apart, and she also adores squeaky toys. Pantera’s favorite foods are cheese and peanut butter. […]

10 Odd Flea and Tick Facts You Need to Know

Being a pet parent, we give it our all by taking care of our precious pets and loving them doing all we can. Sometimes even with all our efforts, we can’t stop pests like fleas and ticks from getting onto our pets and causing them harm. These are the most inevitable and most bothersome things […]

How to Ensure Your Cat is Happy

Providing the utmost care to ensure your cat is happy is the most satisfying feeling ever. Nevertheless, no matter how far you’ll want to go, your cat won’t be the happiest until you understand their needs and wants. When you bring a feline home and keep them indoors, it becomes crucial for you to provide […]

How To Have A Dog-Friendly Home That Is Also Comfortable And Stylish

We consider our loving dogs as members of our family and we want to make them feel safe, comfortable and happy. However, our homes might not always be the safest place for them. They are naturally curious animals, so they often tend to get into trouble. The good news is that there are some things […]

Diabetes in Man’s Best Friend

People say that there is no better friend than man’s best friend, and this is quite true as people have many reasons for having one. Some even consider them as an actual person with an important place in their lives. People sometimes forget that dogs are like us in many ways, including health. One of […]

January 2021 Adoptable Dogs of the Month: Roo & Doss

Meet our two wonderful adoptable dogs of the month for January 2021, Roo and Doss! These two pooches are available for adoption through Apollo’s ARC Animal Rescue and Care in southern California. Apollo’s ARC was founded in 2018 and they use foster-based care to help facilitate the adoption of dogs who need forever homes. Roo […]

How to Train a Dog With a Shock Collar

Shock collars and training collars are often used to train dogs, especially stubborn ones. This is a working technique through which dogs can understand their owner’s commands and remember the learned skills that they already know. These collars are very helpful if you use them properly and for the right breed. Many dog trainers would […]

Fun Pet Projects to Make Your Animal Companion’s Life Extraordinary

Pets make our lives better. If you’ve ever relaxed on a recliner with a purring cat on your lap or gone on a long hike with an energetic dog, you’re likely no stranger to the way’s pets make us happier. While they’re often happy just to be by our sides, there are plenty of exciting […]

How to Plan a Dog-Friendly Wedding

As long as there is enough food and the chocolate is out of reach – every wedding is a dog-friendly wedding. More often than not, pets are fairly easy to take care of, unless you own a green iguana with specific needs such as UV lighting and special tanks. Having a dog at a wedding […]

December 2020 Adoptable Dog of the Month: Atlas

Meet our December 2020 Dog of the Month, Atlas! He can be adopted via the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.  Atlas is around eight years of age and came to GSROC after having been hit by a car.  He is a great dog and a favorite of those lucky enough in the rescue who […]

Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

Regular grooming is very much essential for your beloved pet. No matter if you have a small furball or a giant breed, every type of dog can benefit from grooming. Just like dog sizes, the price of grooming services can significantly vary too. Just like wait staff, delivery drivers, bartenders, and massage therapists, dog grooming […]

Should You Get Raised Feeders for Your Dog?

Are you thinking of getting an elevated bowl for your dog because someone you know has told you about its potential benefits? We all want a better life for our dogs, but sometimes we make bad decisions. One such method of feeding, elevated feeding using raised feeders, is becoming more popular recently. However, it can […]

How to Plan A Memorial Service for Your Pet

The death of a pet affects the whole household. This shouldn’t come as any surprise—most pet parents consider them a core part of our lives. We don’t make any distinction between our beloved animals, and our human relationships; and why would we? Our pets are our family. It’s therefore only fitting that we should produce […]

November 2020 Adoptable Dog of the Month: Coco

Meet our November 2020 Adoptable Dog of the Month, Coco! Coco is roughly two years old and has been in foster care for almost his entire life. This pooch is microchipped, neutered, and fully vaccinated, meaning he is ready for his forever home ASAP! He is thought to be some sort of shepherd/pitbull mix.  Rescued […]

How to Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture

When you have pets—whether they are dogs, cats, or rabbits—it is important that the furniture in your home is able to stand up to the challenges of pets. True pet-friendly furniture should be able to withstand accidents, scratching, digging, chewing, and of course, pet hair and dander. Finding the perfect furniture that is pet friendly […]

Can Pets Become Addicted to Their Medications?

Addiction is a nasty and all-consuming mental health issue that affects not only people but pets, too. Seemingly innocent prescription drugs after surgeries or even certain treats for pets can leave your little furry friend in a world of addiction. Then there are the stories of critters in the wild getting tipsy—South African elephants drunk […]

Tips for Creating a Functional Home for Your Handicapped Dog

When you decide to become a dog owner, it’s natural to make some alterations to your home. However, you need to invest more time and energy to create a functional home for a handicapped pet. All dogs need love and care. Adopting a handicapped dog is more challenging, but it’s worth it. Mutual love will […]

12 Tips for Pet-Friendly Decorating

Just like children, having pets will determine what kind of home decor you will have. Because let’s be honest–they will ruin your carpets, get hair everywhere, and sometimes even break your valuables. To avoid any of this from happening here are 12 tips for decorating a pet-friendly home. Don’t go out and buy expensive rugs […]

October 2020 Adoptable Dog of the Month — Pogo

Pogo is a roughly 10-month-old cattle dog mix who was rescued from Tucson, Arizona shelter when he was brought in as a stray, missing a paw. Pogo was born this way and will require a special “pawsthetic” to help him live a happy, pain-free life. He isn’t in any pain now, as he has adapted […]

Dog Car Safety

Dog car safety is an often overlooked aspect of pet ownership. According to a recent statistic, 84% of all dog parents didn’t restrain their dogs in the car. An unrestrained 70-pound dog will exert roughly 2,800 pounds of force in a crash at 40 miles per hour. Can you imagine how fatal that is and […]

How to Make a Career Out of Caring for Animals

Who says that you can’t turn your passions into a profitable pet-related business? Your love for animals can be a great start to a beautiful and rewarding career. The pet industry is slowly but surely gaining momentum and owning a pet-related business can be a great opportunity for you. When it comes to choosing what […]