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How to Keep a Happy and Healthy Dog

It has been proven by several studies that pets are good for our mental health – however, we shouldn’t forget about their physical and mental health, either. Unfortunately, dogs are not able to tell us if they are feeling unwell and what their problem is, so it’s important that we don’t neglect their yearly vet checkups and keep an eye out for the signs of any health issues. In this article, we list eight tips about how to keep your dog happy and healthy, so your furry friend can live a long and happy life by your side.


Dogs – especially bigger breeds – need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Regular walks, hikes and playtime are all important in order to keep your dog active and happy. This is especially true if your dog lives inside a small apartment – you need to have a schedule that allows your pet to have a walk outside at least two, but preferably more, times a day.

Mental stimulation

Physical exercise is not enough to satisfy your dog’s need for quality time spent with you. Dogs are inherently smart creatures, and they need to be mentally stimulated to feel achievement. This includes learning new tricks, playing games, and exploring new places – your dog will love the adventure!

Vet visits

As mentioned previously, a yearly checkup at the vet is important in order to ensure your dog is healthy and to spot any possible underlying problems. You should also visit the vet if your dog starts displaying any unusual symptoms or if their behavior changes suddenly (i.e., not up for walks anymore, reduced appetite).


If your dog is an outside dog, you should make sure they have a shelter that provides satisfying protection from the elements and cold and hot temperatures. During the winter, they should be able to retreat to a warm and cozy place to warm up, and in summertime they need adequate protection from the heat.


Feeding your dog a balanced and nutritious diet is key in ensuring they remain healthy. The food you buy for your dog should be of good quality, and it is important to be mindful of the portions to maintain the ideal body weight for your dog. Being overweight can cause a variety of medical problems – so resist those pleading eyes next time your dog is asking for extra treats!


It is always good to prevent possible health issues by giving your dog supplements. Supplements like DGP for Pets help boost your pet’s joint health and mobility as they age. Plus, you can give it to your pet long-term without worrying about side effects.


Spaying or neutering your dog has several proven benefits, it helps prevent some types of cancer and disease and it can make your four-legged friend’s life expectancy longer. It also makes your dog happier and more balanced in the long run, as well as fixing some behavioral problems.


When your puppy is still young, you should introduce them to other dogs and people, in order to make them become more comfortable around unknown situations. If your dog doesn’t get enough exposure to the outside world while they are still young, chances are that they will act fearful and anxious in the future or display antisocial behavior.

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