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A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Grooming At Home

Grooming your dog regularly is important for all types of breeds. It’s the best way to help them maintain a tangle-free and shiny coat, while also allowing you to check them for skin issues and parasites. You may decide to hire a professional groomer to do more difficult jobs like clipping their nails and trimming their hair.

Many people can learn how to do all of their grooming tasks in the comfort of their own home. Some even end up enjoying it so much that they decide to become a professional dog groomer themselves! To get you started on your journey, here is a beginner’s guide to establishing your own at-home routine to dog grooming at home.

Brushing hair

Some mop-like dogs will need brushing more often than others, depending on the texture and length of their coat. At least a few minutes of brushing each week helps remove dirt build-up, dead hair, and excessive tangled matting, while also distributing oils to keep them healthy. Let your dog smell the brush, then start with gentle brush strokes while rewarding them with praise. Make sure you take care around any sensitive areas like ears, eyes, and nose.


Just like brushing, some dogs will need to be bathed more often than others. Especially any puppies with skin problems or who live outside. Always make sure your dog’s hair is completely knot-free before you get them wet because otherwise, it can cause their coat to become even more matted. Wash your dog in a tub with a small amount of lukewarm water and quality dog shampoo, as they have less harsh ingredients.

Trimming nails

While most people prefer getting their dog’s nails trimmed by a professional, some may feel confident to do it themselves. If that sounds like you, remember to be careful with their paws. If your puppy has white nails, clip them slowly until you see pink, whereas clip black nails until the tip has a solid black dot. It’s very important you only use sharp clippers and you always close them quickly because otherwise, it can cause splitting and chipping which can be painful for your doggo.

Cutting hair

When it’s time to give your furry family member a trim, you should secure them to a table with a leash first and only use professional clippers or sharp shears. Only trim your dog when they are dry and clean, while making sure you are always very careful with your cutting tools.

Start by using clippers to remove any matted fur, and then use only the shear tips to trim around your dog’s face, tail, and feet. You should also keep your spare hand on the ear tips to ensure you’re only trimming your dog’s hair and not their skin. Used together, these methods will help prevent accidents in case your puppy makes any sudden movements.

Cleaning eyes

For those dog breeds who have discharge build-up around their eyes, it’s very important not to trim anywhere near them as even the slightest movement could damage their eyes. The most painless and effective method of loosening and removing any eye discharge is by wetting a small piece of cotton wool and carefully wiping downwards and away from the corners in a gentle motion. By cleaning their eyes like this every few days, it can really help prevent further discharge building-up in the future.

The last word

To help ensure a positive and stress-free grooming experience for you both, keep your grooming sessions as short as possible for the first few times and gradually increase them as your dog starts enjoying it. One of the best ways to make your dog feel relaxed or even excited about their grooming sessions, you should reward them with lots of praise and some yummy treats.

Simply by starting to teach your puppy from a young age and taking plenty of time, both you and your pooch will eventually love dog grooming at home.

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