June 2020 Dog of the Month – Nadia

Nadia is a King Charles Cavalier spaniel.  She is nine years old.  She was born with a bad heart.  King Charles cavalier spaniels were bred to just sit on the laps of royalty, and that is what this doggo likes best.  She is a total lap dog. She loves everyone but is mainly a one-person pooch—her loyalty to her owner is clear. She loves to try to catch mice or birds, and this quick girl has been successful at times.  

Nadia hardly ever barks, and if she does bark, her two siblings listen up. She is a wonderful fur baby and her owner is so happy to have had her for as long as they have, given this little lady’s heart condition.  Nadia is her owner’s shadow. Nadia is not a rescue pup but rather a very expensive purebred, this little pooch cost $800 but she was worth every penny.

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