5 Facts About Guide Dogs


  1. It takes about 18 months to train a guide dog from birth. First the puppy must learn house training and obedience. Next, the dog must go through its formal guide dog training which lasts a few months. At about 12-18 months, the guide dog meets it’s blind partner and they train together for 2 weeks.


  1. Guide dogs are trained to go to the locations that their blind person directs them to go. It is the responsibility of the human member of the team to listen for the movement of traffic and other sounds in the environment to determine whether it is safe to proceed. If the guide dog judges that it is unsafe, it will refuse the command. This is called “intelligent disobedience”.


  1. Guide dogs are also trained to judge height and width so that their owner does not hit his/her head or shoulders into objects.


  1. A blind person accompanied by a guide dog has the right to go anywhere the general public is allowed. This includes restaurants, medical centers, stores of all kinds, taxicabs and airplanes, to name a few places. These rights are guaranteed by Federal and State Laws.


  1. You should not pet, feed or talk to a guide dog without asking the owner first. Guide dogs are at work and should not be distracted.
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