Walloda in Costume

DGP’s Halloween Costume Contest

Who doesn’t love seeing an adorable dog dressed up in costume for Halloween?

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This Halloween, DGP ran a costume contest on Facebook. We received great enthusiasm and excitement about the contest. Almost all dog owners love showing off their proud puppy’s Halloween costume!


We received great entries from dogs dressed in traditional costumes, such as pumpkins, to dogs dressed as superheroes.


Honorable mention included Cassi dressed as skunk:

Cassi in her skunk costume


This disguise would have fooled us!


Miss Bailey the Left Shark and Jada Perry:

Miss Bailey the Left Shark and Jada Perry in costume



Everyone remembers this from the Super Bowl!


And Casey our October Dog of the Month:

Casey's Halloween Costume


We are so happy to see Casey is still doing so well and having fun!



Our winner was Wallie or “Walloda.” His outfit gave us a laugh because it truly looks like he has two legs and two arms and is in a standing position.


Walloda in Costume


Congratulations to our winner and to all who entered our Halloween contest!


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