Safely Celebrate Your Rescue Pet’s "Gotcha Day"

How to Safely Celebrate Your Rescue Pet’s “Gotcha Day”

During the COVID-19 pandemic animal shelters saw a massive rise in pet adoption. Some shelters even saw a 30 to 40 percent increase compared to their normal adoption rates. One shelter in Washington was quoted as saying “They’re [the adoptable dogs] going like hotcakes. We can hardly keep them in stock.” With us currently being well over a year into the pandemic and restrictions slowly being lifted, the ability to celebrate your rescue pet’s “Gotcha Day” is now easier than before.

For those that don’t know, when you adopt a pet, you are often unsure of when their actual date of birth is. A Gotcha Day takes the place of their birthday and allows you to celebrate the special day that you got your rescue. Below are a few ways that you can celebrate your rescue pet’s “Gotcha Day.”

Have Some Special Treats to Celebrate Your Rescue Pet’s “Gotcha Day”

Every dog loves treats, and a Gotcha Day is the perfect time to spoil your rescue with some of their favorites. A pet supply delivery service can be used in a pinch to ensure that you have everything that you need on hand. You can have anything from food and treats, to toys and other miscellaneous supplies delivered right to your door. You can even go over the top and bake them a dog friendly birthday cake complete with whipped cream for the ultimate treat.

Celebrate With a Party

What a better way to celebrate than with a party. Throw up some Gotcha Day decorations, invite over some friends with their own dogs and play some fun training games. You could also make some fun party favors with treats and toys for all the guests to take home.

Spend Some Quiet Time at Home

Maybe you and your rescue are a little more low-key and a party isn’t your style. You can have just as much fun spending quality time at home. Here is a list of fun dog activities you can do with your rescue without leaving home. After an exciting day of play, make them a special dinner and curl up on the couch for some cuddles and relaxation.

Don’t Forget Presents

You can’t celebrate a Gotcha Day without presents. Consider taking your rescue to your local  pet supply store to pick out their favorite toys. Most pet stores allow you to bring pets in, but make sure you call ahead of time just in case. You can even buy edible wrapping paper for dogs if you want to go over the top and let them open their own gifts!

Consider Their Age

Our more senior rescues deserve just as much love and support on their Gotcha Days as the young ones. With old age can come a lack of joint mobility and flexibility. DGP joint support for pets will help ease the aches and effects of daily exercise and training and help support your pets’ mobility. Providing this supplement for your pet will help them to feel their best each and every day helping to ensure you celebrate Gotcha Days for years to come. 

Celebrate your rescue pet’s “Gotcha Day” because it is a great way to let them know how special they are to you and thank them for their love and companionship. Rescuing a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life so it is important to reflect that. Celebrating this special day every year is a great way to recognize their importance in your life for years to come.

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