Get Rid of Dog Smell

7 Clever Hacks to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Your House

You can’t have a dog and expect to have a pristine-smelling home all the time. It just comes with the territory of being a dog owner and welcoming a furry family member. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to get rid of their pee and dander. That said, here are seven clever hacks to help you get rid of dog smell in your house.

Give your dog’s bed a good wash

Your dog’s bed is where they stay for hours at a time when your dog isn’t walking around or playing. So, if you want to eliminate any dog smell, make sure that you remember to wash your dog’s bed with some frequency.

You should clean your dog’s bed every two weeks, at minimum. If you’re going to choose a new dog bed, try to look for washable or even odor-resistant dog beds to make it easier on you.

Instead of having your dog sleep with you on the bed or leaving them to sleep on whichever furniture you have lying around, a dog bed is much better for them. At the same time, it helps confine their smell in one place.

Vacuum around the house

Even if they’re not super furry fluffs, your dog or cat can still generate a lot of floating hair around, and even increase the amount of dust and dander in the house. Thus, if you are a dog owner, you must know that vacuum cleaners are your best friend in terms of helping you get rid of the smell.

Vacuum cleaners, both the larger ones and the handheld ones, will be handy for your home. If you find a ball of fur somewhere on your sofa, for example, a quick job with your handheld vacuum cleaner will do for now.

Steam clean rugs and carpets to get rid of dog smell

Rugs and carpets are the most frequent victims of your furry loved ones in terms of the source of that difficult-to-remove dog smell. In dogs’ eyes, carpets and rugs, especially furry ones, are the best place to answer the call of nature. It’s absorbent, and it’s not near places where they sleep or play, which is ideal. Although it’s ideal for them, it might not be suitable for you.

Clients at Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services are recommended to steam clean their carpets and rugs, and you should, too! First, you must get rid of any dry material on your carpets before doing a steam clean. The steam clean is much more effective at getting rid of unwanted smells. You can do this yourself or hire professional cleaning service to do this for you.

Consider buying an air purifier

It is known that air purifiers can help improve indoor air quality, which is something that any house needs. However, a high-quality or even good-quality air purifier can do more than just that.

Air purifiers can help you get rid of the pet odors that are sticking around in your home. At the same time, it can also minimize pet hair and dander. You can purchase air purifiers that are designed to mask dog smells, at the very least.

Air out your home

If you have dogs in the house, you will have to air out your home more often. Open those windows and let natural airflow throughout your house.

Doing so ensures that there are no rooms with stagnant air. Otherwise, odors will stick, and it can be more challenging to get rid of them.

Replace your air filters

If you have air vents at home, make sure that you check up on your air filters and change them at least twice a year. How frequently you must change them depends on how fast the build-up gets, which can be faster depending on how many pets you have and how furry they are. Replacing your air filters can drastically reduce the odor build-up in your home, so don’t neglect this task.

Introduce a pleasant scent

Aside from getting rid of the dog smell, you might as well introduce pleasant scents around your home after getting rid of the dog odor.

It’s not a good idea to use air fresheners or the like to cover up the dog smell. You should introduce new scents once you’re confident that you’ve already gotten rid of as much of the dog scent as possible. Also, make sure that if you’re using essential oils to add to your home’s pleasant scent, these are scents that are not toxic to you or your dogs.

Getting rid of unwanted pet odor can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With the tips and hacks listed above, you’re sure to get rid of that pesky dog smell as wholly as possible in your house. Try them out for yourself!

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