DGP Cares: Paws For A Cause Charity Contest Update

So far DGP’s first charity contest has been a hit! We’re about 10 days in and we already have over 30 unique nominees! Remember guys and gals you can submit a charity for nomination up until June 30th.

Unfamiliar with how the contest works? Let me sum it up for you:

Phase 1 – Nomination period:

For this part of the contest, everyone has a chance to “nominate” any Non-Profit charity pertaining to Canines, that they feel is worthy of a $500 donation. You can submit your choice through DGP’s Facebook Page HERE (Note – you will be prompted to “like” our page). Once you submit the charity, they will undergo a screening process to make sure they’re 501c certified, and also to allow for the charity itself to agree that they want to participate. In this part of the contest, a charity can only be officially nominated 1 time.The actual voting will take place in the next phase.


Phase 2 – Voting Period:

This is the part of the contest where the actual voting will take place. When the voting opens, you will have a chance to see all charities officially entered in the contest, and you’ll be able to cast your vote once a day between July 7th through July 14th. This is the most important part of the contest. Here is where you’ll need to show your support for your favorite charity. You can do this in many ways.  You can tell your friends and family about it in person, you can share the contest link along with  the name of the charity you are rooting for, and even post about it on Facebook and spread the word.


 When the voting officially closes we will then tally up the results and present the 3 charities that receive the most votes with a check for $500 each!!


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