What’s in DGP For Pets? Ingredients

Feverfew (6mg): A relative of the common daisy found originally in Europe and spread throughout the world by deliberate planting.  It’s been widely used in herbal medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks.

Corydalis Root (25mg): An herb that is cultivated throughout the Pacific Rim. Scientists have isolated a number of active ingredients that show a wide range of actions.

Wheatgrass (20mg):   Common wheat harvested in the sprouting stage at seven days of growth.  Because wheatgrass is harvested prior to the creation of the potential allergen most with wheat sensitivity can consume wheatgrass.

Boswellia Extract (30mg): Also known as Frankincense has long been used in European and Indian herbal practices.

Turmeric (15mg): Native of India and grown throughout the Pacific, has long been used as a spice and medicinal herb.

Celery Seed Extract (3mg): Grown throughout the world is used widely in herbal medicine and foods.


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