FAQs About DGP & Your Dog

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! Pet parents have had burning DGP questions surrounding the use of our product and their furry friends. We have put together a list of questions and answers that will help clear up confusion on adding DGP to your canine companion’s diet.

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Do I keep my pet on the DGP indefinitely?

DGP should and can be used long-term. DGP is very safe and has been administered in long-term use with no adverse effects.

Should DGP be cycled in and out of  a dog’s diet?

DGP only works when you give it to your dog. Therefore if you stopped, your dog would not derive any benefit and may be in pain. DGP does not need to be cycled. It can be given consistently to your dog for many years.

What is the DGP suggested daily use?

DGP usage is based on a pet’s weight with 1⁄2 administered in the morning and 1⁄2 administered in the evening. We even have a cheat sheet to help you learn how much to give your dog! 

Weight Total Daily Usage
Under 15 lbs 1⁄2 Tablet
15-30 lbs 1 Tablet
31-60 lbs 2 Tablets
61-90 lbs 3 Tablets
91-120 lbs 4 Tablets
121-150 5 Tablets


How quickly will I see results with the DGP?

Most people report they see significant results in a week or less.


How long does it take for DGP to get out of the system?

Typically, DGP is out of a pet’s system in 5 to 7 days.


Remember,  an examination from veterinarian is recommended prior to using DGP.


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