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When Dogs Lose Their Teeth and How to Care for Them

Dogs are man’s best friend, and interestingly, we do share a lot of things with these amazing creatures. For instance, not only are we all born without teeth, but pets also go through two sets of teeth in their lifetime, just like us! Dog’s teeth are important in their lives. If you’re a dog person, you definitely know that a dog’s teeth are not just for eating, chewing, and protection (biting); your dog’s teeth are a critical measure of their overall health!

Therefore, it is important for you to take proper care and ensure your pet has good dental health.

Why Taking Care Of Dog Teeth Is Important

You need to be knowledgeable in the proper dog teeth care approach because allowing your pooch to have bad oral health is like giving them a death sentence. If your pet has oral health problems, it increases the risk of them having a systemic disease, which can severely reduce the life expectancy of your dog. In addition, serious gum diseases can get into the bloodstream and infect other organs. Moreover, several illnesses, such as cancer, nutritional deficits, and even malformed jaws, can cause bad oral health issues. Therefore, taking care of dog teeth is critical in ensuring your pets live a healthy life.

Mature healthy pets have a perfect set of teeth, all 42 of them! Anytime you notice bleeding gums, missing teeth, or severe mouth odor coming from your dog, you need to visit the nearest veterinarian to examine your dog. (However, not all tooth loss by your pets is a cause for concern, because puppies normally lose their milk teeth as they mature into adults).

When Your Dogs Lose Their Teeth

It is perfectly normal (and healthy) for your pet to lose their teeth, but only when they are puppies! Puppies tend to lose their milk teeth, which are usually needle-sharp, between three and six months of age. Once the milk teeth fall out, they are replaced by the permanent adult teeth.

Therefore, anytime you notice holes in the puppy’s gums where a tooth was previously, just know that your puppies are at that critical stage of their life where deciduous teeth are falling out. It’s perfectly normal and your puppies’ losing their teeth shouldn’t scare you at all.

However, what you need to worry about is when your old dogs start losing adult teeth. That should be a serious concern for you because it’s a sure sign that your dog dental care check-up is way past due, and that you urgently need to see a veterinarian! It is not normal for mature pets to lose their perfect set of adult teeth. Therefore, when you notice your old doggy is missing some teeth, try to find the root cause of the problem immediately.

It could be that your pet got injured during a dog fight or that it suffered a head trauma that caused their teeth to fall out. If that is the case, then you need to see a vet confirm that no pieces of the tooth were lodged in the dog’s gum, as this could lead to serious infection.

When your adult pet loses teeth while playing with chewy toys, since dogs love to chew on toys, it could be a sign for periodontal disease. Gum problems need to be treated with the seriousness they deserve, so don’t waste any time, but call on your vet as soon as possible!

How To Take Care of a Dog’s Oral Health

Taking care of your dog’s dental health is not rocket science. With the right dog care approach, your pets will have good dental hygiene and will enjoy an extended life full of fun and love. You can use the best dog care approach for oral health by doing simple things.

  • Ensure you take your pet for a dental check-up regularly, or at least every six months. Frequent visits to the vet will give you valuable insights on what needs to be done for your dog to have proper dental care.
  • Provide chew toys and rawhides to your pet, since chewing on the toys is an effective natural dog teeth care as it helps the pup to remove debris from teeth. Debris promotes the build-up of bacteria and eventually leads to oral health problems.
  • Occasionally serve your dog raw bones to chew on. Don’t give your pup only wet meals; consider hard food, especially a raw bone. Chewing on hard food such as raw bones help avoid tooth decay.
  • Also, consider making dietary changes frequently as it can make a big difference in your dog’s life.


Having a healthy pet can be quite fun. In fact, among the fun things to do at home, playing tug of war with your pup ranks first according to many people. Seeking free slots to play for fun, enjoying a soccer match on TV, or other individual hobbies come second. However, you cannot enjoy a good time with your dog if it has bad oral health. Therefore, always take proper dog care and ensure your pet has good dental health.

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