supplement tips for senior dogs

Supplement Tips for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs have specific nutritional requirements which cannot always be met through their diet. For this reason, you might want to consider these supplement tips for your old friend. They have a higher concentration of proteins, or various vitamins, preventing any nutritional deficiencies associated with the aging process.

Keep in mind that the right supplement can ensure the dog will stay healthy in older age, supporting the metabolism and the adequate functioning of the immune system. The right supplements for dogs will contribute to the best possible quality of life, minimizing the aging signs.

Minimize mobility issues with DGP

Joint discomfort and mobility issues are two of the most common conditions that affect dogs, restricting their movement and having a negative effect on the overall quality of life. In case your dog suffers from this condition, you should consider DGP. DGP can support the health of the joints, increasing mobility and flexibility. It improves your pet’s quality of life to be able to move around like a puppy again!

Prevent cognitive impairment & memory loss with supplements rich in antioxidants

As they age, senior dogs might suffer from cognitive impairment and associated memory loss. Antioxidant supplements can delay these changes, improving the behavior of your dog at the same time. You can look for supplements that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C or vitamin E, as well as turmeric, grape seed extract, lycopene, or selenium.

Fatty acids for healthy joints and active brain

The supplements that contain healthy fatty acids can be beneficial for both the aging brain and the aching joints. You can opt for supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids, as this will help with cognitive impairment. Fish or algae oil supplements are highly recommended, as they have potent anti-inflammatory properties.

A probiotic supplement can ensure the best digestive health in older age

Senior dogs have to deal with a slowly-functioning metabolism, which will affect both the digestion and intestinal transit. While there are probiotic foods that can be included in the daily diet of your pet, you might want to consider probiotic supplements as well. These will support adequate digestive health and, in some cases, they might help improve the symptoms of various conditions (irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea/constipation, upset stomach, etc.).

You can use supplements to protect against dental issues

There are supplements that can be used in order to reduce the risk of dental health problems. Some are meant to prevent the accumulation of plaque, while others will contribute to keeping the gums healthy and preventing tooth loss in older age. Senior dogs can greatly benefit from soft chews, which will improve their breath and ensure the adequate oral care.

Hair loss prevention ensured with the right supplements

You might notice that your senior dog has problems with his fur, either in the form of excess shedding or loss of luster. Regardless of the situation, the right supplement might improve the appearance of your dog’s fur. Such supplements counteract changes such as hair loss and dry skin, keeping the skin moisturized and the coat shiny. The best supplements for such problems include ingredients such as fatty acids and fish oil, so check the label before buying.

Get your dog checked before administering any supplements

Senior dogs should be taken to the vet with regularity, as the vet can identify any existent nutritional deficiencies or additional health problems in time. Based on the assessment made by the vet, you might be recommended specific supplements to offer to the dog. You might also need to go back after giving your dog the supplement so that the vet can check their progress. The vet remains the best person to talk to about potential supplements and their effects, so be sure to pay them a visit.

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