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Pet Care: 7 Tips to Ensure That Your Pets Live A Long Healthy Life

As the use of alternative medicines becomes increasingly popular, we can’t forget to take care of our four-legged pals, because animals also require special attention to their health and wellness. We look at some of the ways you can improve the health of your pet while also reducing the risk of disease in the future. You want your pet to lead a healthy life for their happiness and your own.

These are general tips that can be applied to dogs, cats, as well as other common household pets – provided they don’t already have pre-existing medical conditions which may require specialized treatment.

Keep Your Pet at a Healthy Weight

It turns out that animals (just like people) experience health challenges from having excess weight. Obesity makes it difficult for animals to run around and play as they should, and the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is also increased significantly. To prevent stroke and other diseases, it is recommended that you keep your pet’s weight within a healthy range.

While it’s true that some pets suffer from weight problems caused by thyroid disease, in many cases, poor eating habits are the main reason for weight gain. Dogs, for instance, should be fed once per day, with a light snack in the morning to keep energy levels high. If your pet is getting out of shape, watch the diet and keep the calorie count at a minimum.

Give Them Regular Exercise

Keep your pet active during the day by taking them for walks in the park and getting them toys to play with. This is also a good way for you to stay active as we because physical activity benefits both you and your pet. If you can find other pets for them to play with, it may help keep them active and social (but this only works if your pets play well with others!). Watch YouTube videos for ideas on pet play.

Filter Your Dog’s Water

It is often assumed that animals can get by with drinking unpurified water because they have a tougher digestive system compared to humans. This is true to an extent, but it doesn’t excuse anybody from not filtering their pet’s water. Unfiltered water may contain harmful pathogens that compromise your pet’s immune system and lead to disease; or increase the likelihood of your pet losing appetite and acting strangely. For this reason, take your pet to the vet on a regular basis to have them check for worms and other parasites. And always ensure that water is safe for drinking.

Watch What Chemicals You Put on Your Pet

Animals are more sensitive than people when it comes to ingesting some chemicals. Dogs have a higher risk of acquiring cancers and neurological disorders when they consume heavy metals. To avoid this, don’t give your pet any chemicals that haven’t been properly tested for animals; and this includes alternative medicines and treats.

Always refer to a qualified animal doctor for treatment and watch how your pet responds to certain medications. Check for changes in mood, appetite, and report any cases of irritation or inflammation.

Dogs Need A Balanced, Nutritious Diet

Some animals can’t live without meat, but this doesn’t mean they get all their nutrients from meat. The same nutrients that keep your organs healthy and prevent infection can also have the same effect on your pet. To learn more about this, speak to an animal expert about feeding your pet, and get pet food that contains minerals and vitamins.

Prevention is Better Than Cure for a Healthy Life

This may seem like a hassle, but it’s easy to keep your pet healthy through diet and exercise. Prevention is better than cure. Since you don’t want to go through a process in which your pet gets sick or becomes overweight, the best thing to do is to pay attention to how (and what) you feed them, and  schedule a regular visit to the vet.

Regular Grooming

It’s your job to groom your pet unless you want people to think that you’re neglecting your best bud. Animals feel good when their fur is brushed, and nails clipped. Take an afternoon out of the weekend to clean and groom your pet, and maybe take them for a walk as a reward. This will help keep them engaged and happy, and they will return your kindness with lots of love.

In closing

Be more conscious of how your pet gets along with other animals and pay attention to their personality, so that you can find ways to keep them happy and content. It’s not much work but looking after them will soothe your soul as well!

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