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How to Pet Proof Your Home

We love our furry friends, but leaving them alone in the house or yard all day can make us concerned about their safety. Whether you’re worried your pet will get into something they’re not supposed to, or are still trying train your puppy about the do’s and don’ts of being inside, these pet proofing tips and tricks are sure to give you ideas about how to keep your home or rental intact, and your pet safe!

When deciding if any modifications are needed in your home or yard, think about your pet’s favorite places. Do they tend to jump at the window or scratch the door when you come home? If so, you may want to install curtains instead of blinds, or add a lucite panel to your door so the paint doesn’t get scratched. If pet hair is the problem, try running a rubber glove or dryer sheet over hair-filled surfaces for easy cleaning.

When it comes to the outdoors, the first thing you want to consider is your plants. Are they pet-friendly or poisonous to dogs? Also, make sure your fence is escape proof by patching any holes, assure that the fence is tall enough, and move tall items away from the fence.

For more ideas on how to pet proof your home or rental, check out the infographic below!

How to Pet Proof Your Home

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Alex Heinz is a dog mom to a rescue pup named Hunter. When she’s not taking her to the beach or dog park, she enjoys writing about how to keep pets safe and healthy


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