How to Care for a Sick Pet

The only thing worse than being sick ourselves is watching our pets suffer. As pet parents it is our job to ensure that they are comfortable during the recovery process. Whether your furry friend is battling the stomach flu or recovering from surgery, they are going to need your support on their worst days. In order to make your four-legged friends sick days a little easier follow these suggestions.


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Bring on the fuzzy blankets. There is no better way to recover from an illness than a sick bed. Make sure to leave your pet’s bed in an easily accessible location while they are under the weather. If your pet is spending more time in a certain room or on a floor of your home, leave the bed nearby for maximum comfort.

Offer stomach soothing snacks. On any given day your canine companion is looking for you to share your snacks with them. It is part of their charm. When they are under the weather, sharing stomach soothing snacks like unsweetened banana chips or rice may help ease their digestion. Your pet may be able to get some food into their system and ease their symptoms.

Keep track of their behavior. When your purring pal isn’t feeling well, their behavior may change. It’s a part of their nature to hide when they are weak. Monitor changes in their behavior and appetite if you believe your pet is sick. If the strange behavior persists be sure to visit a veterinarian to find a proper cure for your pet.

Use a protective service. In an attempt to minimize cleaning, lay a protective mat underneath your sick friend. This should be feasible, while your furry friend is under the weather, they will be less likely to wander around.

It may be difficult to watch our pets suffer when they aren’t feeling well, but these tips should help make the sick days easier for both barking buddy and pet parent.

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