Health and Safety Apps for First-Time Dog Owners

You’ve picked out a sturdy collar and leash, comfy pet bed, food and water dishes, high-quality dog food, healthy snacks, and even some fun pet toys. You might think you’re all set to welcome your new pup home. But have you thought about your new pup’s health and safety? Top Dog Tips points out you’ll want to pet-proof your home, especially if you’re bringing home a puppy. Just like a curious toddler, your new four-legged baby will get into everything!

Apps that add up 

There is much to learn as a new dog owner, but thankfully, there are numerous apps available for your smartphone. One of their most important functions is to help you keep your new pet healthy and safe.

Of course, having the best pet apps in the world won’t help you unless your phone has the speed, battery life, and enhanced features to use the apps to their fullest extent. If your phone is outmoded, consider snagging a deal on an upgrade before you bring home your new dog.

Apple fans might consider the iPhone 11 Pro for its durable build, large and brilliant display, incredibly fast CPU, extended battery life, and three excellent cameras for snapping precious moments with your new friend. If you’re a fan of Android smartphones, Android Central suggests the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for its powerful processor, massive storage capacity, and extended battery life.  

With equipment that can keep up with you and your pooch, you’ll also want these three apps at your fingertips!

Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross

Modern Dog Magazine notes the Pet First Aid app covers basic emergency care for dogs and cats. Knowing what to do until you can get your pet to the vet might help save her life. The simple, step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. A combination of text, images, ‘how-to’ videos, and interactive quizzes lead you through more than two dozen of the most common pet emergencies. It also includes size-specific pet CPR techniques.

You can program it with your veterinarian’s contact number, and it will also locate the nearest emergency vet hospital when you’re traveling. You can customize it for each of your pets as well. It can also help you prevent an emergency by noting early warning signs to look for, and a list of common toxins. 

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance 

Vet visits can be stressful enough without worrying about the financial strain. Pet insurance eases the money burden of providing care for your seriously ill or injured pet. It lets you focus on getting him the best treatment available so they can come home again. The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance App lets you submit an invoice right from the vet’s office. They can then begin processing your claim before you’ve even left the building! 

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 

APCC’s free mobile app puts their years of experience handling pet poisonings at your fingertips. Their expert veterinary staff has experienced more than 2.5 million cases of curious pets encountering potentially toxic substances. Now that kind of experience is as close as your phone with this app.

Its searchable database lists more than 300 everyday items that are potentially hazardous. You choose the type of animal (dog, cat, bird, or horse) and the category of the substance with which it came in contact. Potential toxins are listed by categories in order to narrow your search results: food, plants, medication, household hazards, warm weather hazards, and cold weather hazards. 

Once you’ve identified the substance, the app lists a sample image, its scientific and common names, potential toxicity, symptoms of poisoning, and crucial steps to take. It even has a chocolate calculator that lets you enter the weight of your pet and the type and amount of chocolate consumed so you’ll know how much danger your chocolate thief might be in!

As a new dog owner, chances are you’re both excited and nervous. Add your basic equipment and include some tech tools in your arsenal of new dog goodies. With what you need at your fingertips, you’ll be a brilliant pet parent!

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