Safe “Off Leash” Dog Play Anywhere!

Safe Play Anywhere!

Dogs need to run. They need to run every day!

One way to accomplish this is by turning them off-leash to play.

If your kid can’t be trusted off-leash then they must stay in a fenced area so they are safe. However, it may be difficult to find conviniently located fenced areas in which to turn your dog loose.

Here is a fairly simple and inexpensive solution
— think about using some of that plastic, temporary fencing often seen at construction sites.

This plastic fencing can turn an ALMOST-fenced area into a FULLY-fenced area to let dogs run off-leash safely.

  • Find a convenient location that is mostly fenced
  • Cut the plastic fencing to size with scissors
  • Use bungee cords to attach it to existing posts at the opening in the fence

Voila! You now have a completely fenced-in area in which to turn your dog loose!

This plastic fencing is lightweight, easy to handle, compact for traveling and strong. Available in hardware stores, it is inexpensive and typically comes in rolls of 4 feet x 100 feet, weighing about 15 pounds.

Caution: A dog could get under it if you didn’t secure it well-enough. And it’s low enough that some dogs could jump over it. (You could double it, setting one piece above another.) The holes in the fencing are large enough that some dogs could stick their heads through, and could perhaps, get scared if they tried to pull out and got “stuck.” Know your dog and manage your dog so this doesn’t happen. If he’s the type to always be looking for ways out, it may not be right for him.

But if he’s focused on running and playing and not even thinking about escaping – then it may be a perfect solution to turn an almost-fenced area into a FULLY-fenced area for him to run and play!

‘Til next time, kiss the kids!

Victoria Rose (Mom of Jetta)

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