diabetes in man's best friend

Diabetes in Man’s Best Friend

People say that there is no better friend than man’s best friend, and this is quite true as people have many reasons for having one. Some even consider them as an actual person with an important place in their lives. People sometimes forget that dogs are like us in many ways, including health. One of the more common diseases dogs have is diabetes, and like every diabetic, precautions must be taken in their daily diet, including their treats. If they are such an important part of our lives, we must consider the “dos and don’ts” of their health as well. This article focuses on what we should expect if the dog we own is diabetic and educates about the existence of diabetic dog treats.

Diabetes in man’s best friend, and its symptoms

Diabetes is a disease that is defined by possessing high levels of excessive blood sugar and glucose, and most people would associate this with their older relatives or even entire families as this is also known to be genetically passed on. What seems fascinating is that our four-legged friends also have a version of this disease called diabetes mellitus, the “sweet diabetes” which was described as animals having elevated blood sugar levels.

Those diagnosed with this type of diabetes cannot process sugar in their bodies, with the problem lying in their metabolism. Insulin can be used as a remedy for this sickness, as its job is to transfer the excess sugars to those cells that need them the most, but dogs may have different reactions. Those who are insulin deficient cannot produce the desired amount required by the body. Therefore, insulin could be used. Those resistant to insulin cannot use this method, and this is more common in older and obese dogs. Either way, the result is the same, and this leads to kidney failure, which should be noted when one’s dog has diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes in dogs include thirst, excessive urination, weight loss, and an increase in appetite since they need to make up for their loss of energy. To find out if your dog has this condition, it is important to go to your veterinarian and find out.

Foods to avoid

Knowing well the effects that an amount of sugar would have on our bodies; it is important to know the effects as well it would have on the pups we love so much. An important aspect of your dog’s diet would be the glycemic index of each carbohydrate you feed them. You should avoid foods high GI carbs as this causes a spike in sugar levels while low GI foods are mostly safe for them. This is because it raises their sugar levels healthily and would not make them completely hyper after consuming.

The high GI food that one must completely avoid is sugar. Anything having to do with syrups, molasses, fructose, and the like, are the big “no-no’s” for their diets. Other foods one would not expect to be high GI are grains, which include flour, corn meals, and even white rice. These foods are listed as healthy for dogs, but the negative consequence is seen in their sugar level. That is why one should always look closely at their diets for them to stay happy and healthy.

Foods to give

Everyone who has ever owned a dog has fallen victim to them begging for food while eating a meal, and it seems hard to resist this whenever it happens. If you were to ask anyone why they give anything for their dog to eat, they would reveal that their sad staring eyes were the reason for this weakness. This, however, proves to be a problem when a canine is sick with diseases such as diabetes. Fortunately, people have developed diabetic dog treats for this problem that faces owners today.

For dogs who are meat lovers, owners should be happy, as most of these treats are meat products. PureBites have developed liver, lamb, and chicken products that have all been freeze-dried. The liver has been known to crumble in their bags upon receiving. So, an alternative way of dispensing this treat is to sprinkle these onto their meals. The lamb treat helps dogs that have food-sensitivities and digestive issues, and it is like the chicken product. These products contain humidity packs, so make sure that the dog gets the treat and nothing else.

Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats are known for their chicken-flavored squares, but they are not only limited to meat. There are also sweet potato and pumpkin flavored treats. These are just as delicious to dogs as the chicken. They are made of natural and organic ingredients and are not known to affect the dog’s blood sugar levels. These treats are not friendly for smaller breeds or ones with sensitive teeth, so it may be best to avoid if your dog fits that criteria.

Vintrek Nutrition also developed Nutralin, which is used as a supplemental feeding agent with a variety of flavors as well. It is a chewable that you should give after insulin injections. It is a supplement, and it is best to follow the recommended dosage of two per day.

For those dogs who love cookie treats, the Old Dog Cookie Co. have diabetic dog treats for sale. The smaller ones are made for the smaller dog breeds while the bigger ones are made for the bigger breeds. This may increase their sugar levels as this contains apples, so it is best to limit their consumption if this is the best treat for your canine.

Knowing the possible conditions in making a diabetic dog stay happy and healthy, it is important to follow these conditions to the letter. These will ensure that you and your dog will continue to do many other different activities together for a long time.

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