best dogs for families

Best Dogs for Families

For a family, the list of ideal dog breeds to pick from is a little different from those who may be living alone. These dogs are affectionate, kind, loyal, but at the same time fiercely protective. Here is our list of the best dogs for families.

Labrador Retriever

They are easily America’s most favorite sweetheart dogs. There’s a reason why they repeatedly score the first spot on the list of most beloved breeds. They are extremely affectionate, loving, and sweet. Their enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Labrador retrievers are known for their good temperament and intelligence. Originally, they were bred for hunting purposes. Compared to other dogs, they are rather easy to train. Labradors happen to be among the best dog breeds for companionship in addition to being one of the best dogs for families.

That’s part of the reason why you would find most therapy dogs, service dogs, and those deployed for search and rescue work to be Labrador retrievers.

Golden Retriever

One of the most intelligent breeds, golden retrievers are loyal, kind, smart, and confident. One of the highlights of their behavior is that they are extremely patient. They are neither fearful nor aggressive. Because of this, they are a favorite among kids.

As the name suggests, they love to retrieve things. Their playful personality means they are naturally able to enjoy a lot of exercise and play. Their temperament is that of affection and obedience, which means every single member of your family will fall in love with them in no time. On the flip side, their fur demands a lot of brushing and care.


Pugs are yet another ideal dog breed for families; especially those with kids. They are another extremely affectionate breed that can thrive off of little care. But, you will have to look after their hair-care routine as they tend to shed A LOT of hair. Don’t be fooled by their rogue face. They are quick to work their way into the hearts of everyone.

They are kind, loving, and affectionate which fits perfectly into the typical needs of a family. Pugs can adapt easily to almost all kinds of living conditions. If you live in a small home or apartment, pugs are one of the best dogs for families.

Irish Setter

Irish setters love to be around kids. Their playful and energetic disposition is something that children are fond of. Famous for their red fur, this particular breed loves being around people. In fact, their affinity for human companionship is so much that they hate being alone.

You will find them at their best behavior when they are in a social setting; particularly with their loved ones. That’s why separation anxiety is common among them.

If you have energetic kids, an Irish setter will be a match made in heaven because they are super energetic. They also need a lot of exercises. They are easily trainable and do well with an open yard. Irish setters love to greet anyone who comes into your home. They do, however, need a lot of hair grooming to avoid getting hair all over the house.


If you are in search of a devoted and affectionate dog that’s also patient, you should look no further than having a bulldog. Their sturdy build often makes them come across as angry, but they are perfect for kids. They are patient yet energetic.

In terms of behavior, they are loyal, friendly, docile, and they are fond of strangers and loved ones alike. They also go well with other pets. Bulldogs are ideal in all kinds of houses both big and small.

Do note a few things before you get a bulldog. You will have to pay special attention to their jaw and teeth as they are compressed. This can often lead to problems like excessive drooling, snoring, and wheezing. Other than that, you will also have to look after their facial wrinkles and tail to avoid dirt buildup. Their coat, however, demands little care.

German Shepherd

Although German shepherds are popular for being one of the angriest dog breeds, they are a solid choice for a family dog. They are extremely loving and loyal towards their loved ones, scoring them a place on our list of the best dogs for families. Originally, they were bred as herding and hunting dogs in Germany.

Since then, they have served in the police to aid with their search and rescue work as well as service dogs. Their services are also popular in the military. Their hardworking and intelligent attitude combined with a loving temperament makes them a good choice for any family that wants to stay active.


Despite their angry-sounding name, Boxers are an incredibly sweet dog breed. They also love attention which is why they’re perfect for a family. However, they can be easily excitable so some kind of behavioral training might be needed especially if you have kids at home. They have an instinct to protect the ones they love.

Great Dane

Great Danes can grow up to be quite tall (approximately 32 inches on average) which makes them one of the tallest dog breeds of the world. With the stature of a giant, great Danes exude balance and elegance. Their face carries the air of a nobleman. You will find them to come in a variety of patterns, colors, and coats but the most popular one is the harlequin, which is black-and-white patchwork.

Although they are sweet-natured, great Danes are extremely alert dogs. That’s why they make excellent guardians. Because of their giant looks, most introducers and strangers would think twice before entering your home. They may be friendly, but they are quite powerful and assertive when it comes to protecting their loved ones. Nonetheless, they tend to make friends easily.


Maltese are among the most ancient toy breeds of the world. They were originally bred to be adoring and sweet towards their owners.

Maltese were often touted as “the comforter” because the breed was believed to cure illnesses and relieve pain. Their coat is silky and extremely hypoallergenic. They don’t shed much either. Their sizing makes them ideal for apartment living also. Fortunately the small size of this dog breed is suitable for assisted living centers that allow seniors to move in with pets.

Bottom Line on the Best Dogs for Families

Hopefully, now you’ll have an easier time deciding which dog is the best dog for families, including your own.

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