benefits of banana for dogs

Benefits of Bananas for Dogs

We know about the astonishing advantages of bananas as we mix it with our protein shake or eating it after an intense weightlifting workout.  

At that point, we take a gander at those delightful young doggies eyes wide open with interest, subtly requesting a chomp. They’re actually beseeching you for a portion of that banana. Are bananas okay to give to your pet?

The uplifting news is, yes. Bananas may not appear to be an imaginable decision in regard to picking a treat for your puppy, yet there are few medical advantages to sharing a tad bit of that yummy yellow organic fruit with your doggo.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps prevent glaucoma, kennel cough, joint irritation, joint inflammation, and various other canine diseases. It also helps in the recuperation from wounds and can help invigorate your dog’s energy levels.

Most dogs get enough Vitamin C through a balanced diet and probably won’t require additional supplementation. Be that as it may, as a pooch ages, they become less able to absorb nutrients. Bananas will help provide the proper amount of Vitamin C for your aging pet.


Fiber is the savior of stomach related issues. It is one of those powerhouse nutrients that are useful for just about every digestive problem. On the off chance that your dog suffers from diarrhea every so often, fiber assists with that as well. Banana has a heap of fiber in it.

Vitamin B6

Bananas are stacked with Vitamin B6, which is otherwise called pyridoxine, and is a type of Vitamin B complex. The B6 nutrient is critical for the improvement and function of a puppy’s brain. B6 also helps with the discharge of melatonin, which is a crucial part of the sleep cycle. Melatonin helps in managing their inner rest clock and standardizes their dozing propensities. On the off chance that your dog has trouble sleeping, bananas can help your pooch catch some z’s.


Bananas are synonymous with potassium. A medium-sized banana has 422 mg of potassium. Potassium helps with vein and muscle development. Low potassium can cause such illnesses as arrhythmia.


Bananas contain Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7. Biotin is a B complex nutrient that boosts hair and skin. It gives your pooch’s coast a special sparkle. Aside from this, biotin has numerous other medical advantages that also boost the cardiovascular, digestion, and nervous systems.


Magnesium is indispensable for retaining nutrients and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and potassium. Bananas are high in magnesium, as one medium banana has 33mg. It also underpins bone development, in this way it is an absolute necessity for pooches.

How Much Banana Is Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Banana is alright for your puppy to eat with some restraint. At most, a little measure of banana can be given to your canine a couple of times each week. Ensure you give them little pieces so they can process it easily and so the banana doesn’t get captured in their stomach related tract. You can also mix it up with their regular food.

The Best Banana Recipes for Your Dog


  • Mush them as a magnificent muddled treat, or blend it in with your puppy’s food.
  • Frozen slices: Slice them and freeze them for a treat on a sweltering summer’s day.


  • Banana chips: You can purchase or make yourself. Be careful with premade banana chips as they may have too much added sugar to be able to safely give to your pet. For the homemade variety, just slice up a banana and bake! Slice a banana in ½ inch pieces and bake on a baking sheet in the oven for a few minutes.
  • Nutty banana oat treats: You can find recipes online for these treats made with prepared banana, oats, and peanut spread.

Balance is Key

Everything in moderation, and this basic rule also applies to giving banana to your pet. Bananas are high in sugar, and an overabundance of this can cause your canine tooth rot. The high sugar content in bananas accelerates the rot of your pet’s teeth on the off chance that it was given to the puppy without appropriate dental cleanliness. In addition to tooth rot, too much banana can give your pet constipation.

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