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5 Reasons Why Your Furry Pal Won’t Sleep at Night

Your pet fussing over sleep is nothing new. Whether in the day or at night, you never see them stay put for too long. You might find them wandering around in the backyard or hunting for food in the kitchen. The restlessness may even kick in in the wee hours. And if they share the same room as you, their sleep problems can leave you with poor sleep too.

While it’s not physically possible to check on them every time they have trouble sleeping, it’s always a good idea to check for certain signs. It might help you learn a thing or two to help them sleep better.

Here’s a Deeper Dive into What You Can Do to Help Your Pet Sleep Better:

1. Set up a Consistent Day to Day Sleeping Routine

It’s usually the case that your pet falls asleep only when you do. The moment they see you heading to the kitchen to satisfy a midnight hunger pang or get up late at night, your pet’s natural curiosity kicks in. They’ll want to know what you’re up to. Some of you might even have the habit of sleeping late to catch up on a TV show. Chances are, your pet will stay up to either cuddle with you or to satisfy their need to have someone around. If you want them to follow a consistent sleeping routine, you’ll have to fall right into bed well before the clock strikes 12.

2. Make Your Pet Feel Physically Comfortable

Your pet is as much of a sleep junkie as you are. But they’re not going to enjoy sleeping if it’s not as comfortable as your bed. You might have seen your pet slyly jumping onto your bed or sofa in your absence or even catch them red-handed at times. Instead of simply discouraging the act, understand why they showcase the behaviour.

Comfort is the key and if your pet does not like the bed they sleep on, try changing things a little. Consider a copper infused pet bed, which provides all the warmth and comfort your pet needs for a good night’s sleep. They’re easy to pack and travel with and are ideal for dogs of all ages.

3. Give Your Pet Plenty of Exercise

Running on the treadmill at 6 in the morning sure gives you that high-as-a-kite feeling. But did you know that your dog needs plenty of exercise too? Dogs have bundles of energy and they have no problem keeping you on your feet, given the chance.

But between long work hours and family responsibilities, it’s important to give your dog some exercise. Invest in a dog-walker in case you don’t have the time to take them out. But your dog sure needs that daily 30 minute exercise to sleep like a baby.

4. Provide a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Your pooch pal might not get enough sleep because they may not have a comfortable sleeping environment. It could be the noise around the neighborhood, an allergy, or simply youthful anxiety. This behaviour might event warrant a trip to the vet. Check up on what the reason is so that you can help them sleep better.

5. Consider a Visit to the Vet

When was your last visit to the vet? If you find your pet pacing perimeters of the room or scratching themselves a lot more than usual, it’s a sign you should not ignore. While you may identify a behaviour pattern, it’s your vet who can identify and rectify the underlying cause.

Having a pet that would simply refuse to sleep at night can be frustrating for both of you. And instead of forcing them to sleep, find out what’s bothering them. There could a number of reasons why your pet can’t sleep.

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