have a dog in your apartment

10 Reasons to Have a Dog in Your Apartment

There are so many reasons to have a pet dog. They’re cute and adorable and will become your best friend real soon. We’re sure that we can convince you of the benefits of having a dog today.

1. Dogs can give you a reason to get up and be active. There are so many things that you can do with them, from playing Frisbee to going on a run—whatever piques your interest. Most of the time puppy owners are more active than people who don’t own a dog because of all the time they spend with their four-legged friends. When you’re out and about with your pet, you’ll be spending less time in front of the TV and being a couch potato.

2. Dogs are great company if no one else is around to talk with you. People love the company of their pup—the emotional connection is priceless. These wonderful animals can keep you occupied and entertained by teaching them new tricks and having fun in general.

3. Your pet will not only be a great company but they can also provide your home with protection. If you’re thinking, “what are the benefits of having a dog?,” they will always be around to offer their help and bark at any potential intruders to scare them off. Any pup won’t want to see their family be under any danger—anyone who comes in or tries to will be dealt with! No one is going to mess around trying to come into your apartment once you have your pet.

4. Every single day, you’ll know there’s love in your apartment. There are health benefits of owning a dog in the way that the positive energy they bring can help alleviate negativity and symptoms of depression. Essentially, pups will put a smile on your face and love you every day. Also, you can read a book of ra with your dog.

5. Having a dog in an apartment is a great way of making you some new friends. You can take your puppy out for a walk and introduce them to new people, sparking up conversations with anyone you pass. After that, you could ask them to come over to your place to play with your pet.

6. Dog breeds that can live in an apartment can also clean your apartment. If you drop some food on the floor and make a mess, your pup will be there to clean it up. Just make sure that what they eat isn’t dangerous. While dogs can share some human foods, not all human food is acceptable to give to your pet. There’s no need for a vacuum cleaner anymore!

7. When you realize how to take care of a dog in your apartment, you start to do something selfless and this keeps your stress levels down. Your pet can be a great outlook for any issues you may be experiencing at the time.

8. If you’ve got kids and want to teach them some responsibility, having a pet is the perfect way to do it. Your kids will have to learn how to take care of their pup, ensuring that they live a healthy and fulfilling life. As your children take on chores to care for their pet, they will learn how to have a dog in an apartment. This will set them up for a promising future.

9. It’s fair to say that your four-legged friend will never disappoint you. You could get angry when it chews on something or rips up a piece of paper on the floor, but in all honesty, you can never really get angry at them. The perfect apartment companion.

10. When you come home from work, the feeling you get when you’re greeted by your pet that has been awaiting your arrival for many hours can’t be beaten. The love that the two of you can share is priceless. It’s one of the best reasons to have a pet in your apartment.

Have a Dog In Your Apartment

We hope that with the information we provided, you’ll realize that getting a puppy for your apartment is an experience you will want to have.

Do you have a pet in your apartment? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Please leave us a comment below.

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Rae has two dogs and two cats and loves them both. Rae has contributed to many websites and articles on animals and pet care such as on this website. If you ever see around, you’ll probably spot her in the park with puppies.

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  1. Charlotte Fleet says:

    I loved learning that a dog is a great way to make new friends in your apartment building. My husband and I just recently moved into a new apartment, and we have yet to make friends with our neighbors. We were considering getting a pet anyways, so we’ll definitely have to buy a dog to help us be more social.


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