DGP: An Inside Look at the Ingredients

DGP: An Inside Look at the Ingredients

DGP is a combination of natural compounds that help maintain joint mobility and flexibility. DGP also eases aches and discomfort caused by daily activity, exercise, and training – particularly for older pets. This unique and exacting formula contains European and native Australian herbs and ingredients known to help maintain joint lubrication. DGP provides a unique blend of active components that work synergistically to provide significant support to your fur-baby.

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Every DGP tablet contains 300mg of Marine Collagen Extract. This extract has antioxidant properties that have been used for skincare products to prevent anything from aging and environmental factors. Marine Collagen Extract is an excellent dietary source of chondroitin sulfate and other glycosaminoglycans that support cartilage.

 In addition to Marine Collagen Extract, another vital part of DGP is Boswellia Extract. This is also known as Frankincense, and has long been used in European and Indian herbal practices. Boswellia extracts have been studied for joint function, especially in the knees.

Other ingredients in DGP include Wheatgrass, Turmeric, Feverfew, Celery Seed Extract and Proprietary Blend. All of these ingredients help create DGP’s 100% natural blend to help promote your pet’s mobility.

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