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Best Practices for Establishing a Pet-Friendly Environment in Your Business

In the past, pets were rarely seen in businesses or offices. Today, however, more companies are adopting a pet-friendly approach, understanding that pets can enhance the work environment for both employees and customers. Having pets around can reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and even boost productivity. In this article from DGP For Pets, we’ll explore […]

How to treat burned dog paws

Hot pavement and other surfaces can burn your dog’s paws. If you think your dog has burned paw pads, follow these first aid steps. Guest Post from BetterPaws.com originally Written by Taylor Hartley The essentials If your pooch has paw pad burns, talk to your vet — Your veterinarian can determine the severity of your dog’s paw […]

Keep Your Dog Happy (and Well-Fed) with These Healthy and Nutritious Foods and Snack

Just because your dog may try to eat everything doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Though dogs instinctively snack on bones and nibble on the grass at times, their human caregivers are responsible for providing good nutrition and keeping them healthy. Here’s some tips from DGP for Pets on how to navigate your pup’s nutritional […]

Tips and Tricks to Introduce a New Pet to Your Kids

Bringing a new pet into the family can be exciting for everyone. However, finding ways to introduce a new pet to your kids can be tricky, and ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible is essential. To help you do this, we’ve asked a friendly team from dgpforpets.com for help, and here are tips […]

What Is A Pet First Aid Kit?

As pet owners, we often consider pets a part of the family. Just like our kids, accidents and injuries happen to even the sweetest of our furry friends. Whether your dog zoomies a little too hard and bumps into something or your cat didn’t land on its feet and got injured, a pet first aid […]

How to Identify Nutritional Deficiencies in a Dog

Our furry friends are such darlings, but sometimes will eat things that looks or smells even remotely acceptable. And even we sometimes forget they are not precisely our equals when it comes to digestion. As a result, we share the food we eat with them. Unfortunately, all that can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies in […]

Holiday Foods That Are Dangerous for Your Dog

Winter is here and the holiday spirit is everywhere around us. And in just a few days, many of us will celebrate Christmas and New Year. It’s a time when families come together, have fun, eat and enjoy the warmth of the holidays while reminding us of the importance of keeping your friends and families […]

Creating the Perfect Dog Room

When bringing a dog into your home, it’s important that you’re creating a safe and welcoming environment for them. Your top priority should be to make them feel as comfortable as possible as they adjust to their new space. If you want to take it a step further than just pet-proofing your home, creating a […]

What Not To Feed a Dog

This is the perfect article for you if you have just adopted a puppy, want to adjust your dog’s diet or just want to know what you can and cannot feed your dog. Whether you are an experienced Pet Mom or Pet Dad or a first time pet-parent, this article is a good reference for […]

Stress-Free Moving With Your Pets

Downsizing usually means having to make hard decisions between what stays and what goes. If you’re about to move into smaller quarters, consider the needs of your pets as well. DGP for Pets invites you to read on for some helpful tips on downsizing with pets for a stress-free move. Find a Pet-Friendly Home When […]

A Seniors Guide to Finding and Affording a Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Community

Having a pet benefits seniors in various ways. It helps them keep stress in check, increase happiness levels, experience a sense of security, and provide some much-needed companionship. Hence it comes as no surprise that according to research, more than 50% of seniors aged between 50-80 years own a pet. While having a pet in […]

Dog Travel Anxiety: A Brief Guide for A Dog Owner

It’s exciting to plan a road trip with your pup but if your puppy is a first-timer, it may get stressful for you if your dog doesn’t enjoy the car. The anxiety your dog has during car rides will not go away on its own and if it is not treated, it may even worsen. […]