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May 2020 Dog of the Month: Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood (the giant schnauzer, not the actress!) is our May 2020 Dog of the Month. She is four years old and was adopted about five months ago from Skansen Kennels in Sebastopol, California. She has a brother, a ten-year-old Bouvier that Natalie bosses around, even though he is her older brother! Her brother won […]

COVID-19 & Your Pet

With new research being released on an almost daily basis as the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19) continues its whirlwind course across the globe, there are many misconceptions about how the virus can affect dogs and cats. While the information below might have changed since the time of this posting, enough research has been performed to […]

April 2020 Dog of the Month: Peace

Peace, our April 2020 Dog of the Month, was born on August 22nd, 2013. She loves her premium dog food, Canidae, and her favorite treats are True Chews and Nudges. Her mom rescued her when she was 13 weeks old, and she had six siblings in her litter. She wasn’t doing very well when she […]

Dog Poop 101

We love our dogs to the end of the world and back. They’re the best companions we could ever ask for, and they’re a joy to have. From cuddling to walking, our dogs provide joy nothing else can — but, there are some parts of responsible dog ownership that aren’t ideal. One such area is […]

March 2020 Dog of the Month: Jamie

Jamie the rescue pup is approximately three years old and is a Doberman/German shepherd mix.  He is a volunteer favorite and extremely sweet to everyone at the rescue.  He has been harder to place, as he has a tendency to get protective of the ones he loves.  He would do best in a home with […]

10 Foods That May Help with Your Dog’s Mobility

Joint issues can affect our furry friends as they grow older, leading to a lack of mobility. If you notice your dog having some trouble getting around, you need to ensure that their diet is supporting their joint health. Here’s a list of natural foods and spices that may work as remedies for joint issues […]

February 2020 Dog of the Month: Logan

We’re pleased to introduce our February 2020 Dog of the Month, Logan. Logan is more officially known as CLARK’S LOGAN, UD, BN, GO, VER, RE, OJP, OAP, THDD, CGCA, SW1. Adopted from the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County at 4 months, Logan was a happy, friendly puppy who immediately showed a desire and capacity […]

Why Does Your Cat Stare at The Wall?

Cats can be mysterious creatures. They seem to live their lives to their own standards and have their own unique personalities. You can train a dog, but a cat will look at you with those eyes that say, “not today buddy.” They might even stare at you in odd ways. They can exhibit some strange […]

Meet Bingo, our January 2020 Dog of the Month!

Meet Bingo, a 4-5 year old cattle dog/Dutch shepherd mix. This handsome pooch was rescued from the ‘red’ or ‘kill’ list at the shelter. He had no chance, but then he was rescued! When he was taken in, Bingo was very underweight, his skin and fur where a mess, and he was very unsure of […]

December 2019 Dog of the Month: Oso II

Meet our December 2019 Adoptable Dog of the Month, Oso II! This sweet boy is a ten year old purebred German shepherd in need of his “furrever” home. He is available through the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County in southern California.  Oso has been with GSROC for three years, and they are still optimistic […]

Caring for Differently Abled Pets

Just like people, no two pets are the same. Even two dogs of the same breed can have totally different personalities. Similarly, differently abled pets also have a range of needs that vary from case to case. We recommend these tips to serve as a broad idea of how to handle differently abled pets, but […]

Why Pets Pee Indoors and How to Prevent It

As a pet owner, it can be frustrating when your dog or cat pee indoors on the carpet or floor. In young dogs, the problem usually can be resolved during puppy hood with proper training, but sometimes even housebroken pets can regress and make a mess. If your pet is inappropriately urinating inside the house, […]

Fall Health Concerns for Cats

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor cat, fall is an especially wonderful time to snuggle up with your feline as the temperature drops and the leaves start falling. However wonderful autumn may be, it can still bring about some health issues with your purring pet. Be sure to be on the lookout for these […]

November 2019 Dog of the Month: Jack

Meet Jack, our November 2019 Dog of the Month! This rescue pooch is an eight-year-old American Pitbull Terrier.  He was found on the streets in Philadelphia and has scars on his body; but he is the sweetest boy despite his past trauma. He smiles at his people when they come home and at visitors. If someone […]

Safe Halloween Treats for Dogs

Who says kids are the only ones who can enjoy Halloween? There are plenty of ways to include your dog in this year’s festivities, including: dressing them up, taking them to parades, or even letting them indulge in some sweet treats. Yes, you read that right! There are many options of sweet treats you can […]