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What Types of Pet Medication and Supplements Are Covered by Pet Insurance?

Just like human medical care has continued to improve each year, hard-working veterinarians, scientists, and researchers have been working to improve the care of our pets as well. The pet care industry is constantly changing; many new strategies are coming to the forefront, including new medications for a broader range of issues. From anti-anxiety medicine […]

September 2019 Dog of the Month: Nimbus

Nimbus is a one-year old German shepherd who has found his forever family! His fur is white, which is one of the most rare colors recognized by the American Kennel Club. This cute boy enjoys an active lifestyle. He loves to swim and play with his sister. Like most German shepherds, he is also very […]

How to Make Your Own Dog Food

If you are a dog owner, you may feel that your animals deserve to eat as healthy and well as the humans in your house. We love our pets after all. Making your own dog food is a great way to up their health. Those who are putting their dog on a diet may also […]

Health Benefits of Good Dog Grooming

Grooming is a very important process if you wish to keep your dog as healthy as possible, which is basically what any responsible pet owner wants. Neglecting your dog’s grooming needs can and usually does lead to a couple of different health issues that can bother your four-legged friend considerably. Poor grooming is better than […]

August 2019 Dog of the Month – Louie

Louie is 14 years old. This little guy has been through a lot of health challenges, and is now blind, deaf, and a diabetic. He also has Addison’s disease. Louie is from Idaho. His owner wanted a Westie without allergies and got their new pup through a breeder. This was a big mistake, as the […]

July 2019 Dog of the Month – Atlas

Atlas is our adoptable July 2019 Dog of the Month! This male German shepherd is about seven years old and in need of a fur-ever home. He knows basic commands and is always a good and calm boy on his walks! He waits patiently for treats and would love to be a part of your […]

Supplement Tips for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs have specific nutritional requirements which cannot always be met through their diet. For this reason, you might want to consider these supplement tips for your old friend. They have a higher concentration of proteins, or various vitamins, preventing any nutritional deficiencies associated with the aging process. Keep in mind that the right supplement […]

Why Do Dogs Lick So Much?

Dogs lick to tell their story. Their use it to show their affection and their devotion towards their loved ones. This is how they behave and show loyalty. If you are a true dog lover, you probably enjoy the no holds barred greeting from your doggish friend the second step you take in your home. […]

DGP June 2019 Dog of the Month: Scrappy

New month, new cute pup for us to fall in love with! This month we introduce you to Scrappy, a handsome one and a half year old English bulldog. He already has a forever home and is super happy there. His owner couldn’t be happier to have him too. This precious little bulldog is as […]

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Summertime means it’s time to get outside with your dog! Trips to the beach, long walks, and playing in the park are just some of the activities you can do with your four-legged buddy. But summer can also get hot. Very hot. Which is why keeping your dog cool during the summer is as important […]

May 2019 Dog Of The Month: Titus

We have a very special dog joining the DGP Dog of the Month hall of fame: Titus! And when it comes to fame, Titus is already used to it. He has over 1/4 million Facebook followers and loves to share his life on social media (a dog-gital influencer!). With his funny costumes and daily weather […]

Heal Through the Horses: The Samurai Way

As mental health issues become more apparent within our society, alternative treatment methods are at the forefront of research. Humans and horses have an established and valuable relationship. From working to companionship, equestrian uses are far and wide. In recent years, horses have played a key part in the mental rehabilitation of many people around […]

April 2019 Dog Of The Month: Woody

Open your hearts to Woody, our April 2019 DGP Dog Of The Month! Also known by his family as Mr. Woody Wooderson, this two year old pooch is a happy, active, and loyal companion. He is as excited about life as a dog can be. Mr. Woody Wooderson is also a perfect example of the […]

How to Stop Dog to Dog Aggression

It is common for dogs to be aggressive towards other dogs in particular situations. This happens especially when the dogs are on a leash or behind a fence, as they can feel trapped or threatened. When dogs are in this situation, many of them will react by showing hostility towards another dog they see or […]

Benefits of Bananas for Dogs

We know about the astonishing advantages of bananas as we mix it with our protein shake or eating it after an intense weightlifting workout.   At that point, we take a gander at those delightful young doggies eyes wide open with interest, subtly requesting a chomp. They’re actually beseeching you for a portion of that […]

March 2019 Dog of the Month: Cola

Everyone, let’s meet Cola! He is our Adoptable Dog of the Month for March 2019. Cola is a sweet 4.5 years young and is looking for his perfect person-match. He loves to play with friends and prefers to share his new home with other dogs than with other types of pets (like cats). Cola is […]

Senior Dog Behaviors Explained

In addition to going gray and looking physically different, senior dogs behavior can also change as well. As dogs get older, their bodies go through changes. Since dogs age much more rapidly than we do, these changes can seem to happen overnight. More barking There are numerous reasons why senior dogs bark more: frustration, incontinence, […]