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How to Stop Dog to Dog Aggression

It is common for dogs to be aggressive towards other dogs in particular situations. This happens especially when the dogs are on a leash or behind a fence, as they can feel trapped or threatened. When dogs are in this situation, many of them will react by showing hostility towards another dog they see or […]

Benefits of Bananas for Dogs

We know about the astonishing advantages of bananas as we mix it with our protein shake or eating it after an intense weightlifting workout.   At that point, we take a gander at those delightful young doggies eyes wide open with interest, subtly requesting a chomp. They’re actually beseeching you for a portion of that […]

Senior Dog Behaviors Explained

In addition to going gray and looking physically different, senior dogs behavior can also change as well. As dogs get older, their bodies go through changes. Since dogs age much more rapidly than we do, these changes can seem to happen overnight. More barking There are numerous reasons why senior dogs bark more: frustration, incontinence, […]

February 2019 Dog of the Month: Speedy

We’re proud to introduce our February Adoptable Dog of the Month—Speedy! This Jack Russell terrier is estimated to be around 12 years old. Speedy is a perfect, easy-going senior gentleman that gets along well with other dogs, cats, and people. This little guy has limited eyesight and needs daily medication (which he is an angel […]

Senior Cat Adoption

Adopting a senior cat can be one of the best decisions youmake. When you welcome your new adopted pet into your home, try these tips tomake your pet’s transition as the newest member of your family go smoothly for both of you. Toilet Training Your senior cat is probably used to the litter box location […]

January 2019 DGP Dog of the Month: Hammy

Meet the DGP Dog of the Month for January 2019! We’re proud to introduce Hammy. He’s a people-dog, as he has never met a person that he did not absolutely love. He does not do well with cats. He can get along with other dogs but needs to be introduced to them very slowly. Not […]

Grooming Techniques for Small Dogs

Dog grooming can be horrendously expensive. However, there’s good news. You can do almost everything that the groomer does from home, without buying a lot of specialized equipment like dog clippers, grooming tables, and dog hair dryers. This can be a much easier process for your dog, too, when it becomes part of their regular […]

December 2018 Dog of the Month: Dixie

We’re proud to introduce our December 2018 Dog of the Month. Dixie is a six year old Yorkipoo (Yorkie and poodle mix). She’s a lively girl who likes to play with her toys all day. Don’t let her small size deceive you–she also likes swimming and will dive into the pool! When she’s not busy playing […]

Caring for Pets with Diabetes

Like human diabetes, cases of pet diabetes are on the rise. This unfortunate statistic means more and more pet owners are caring for pets with diabetes. Like humans, diabetic pets need to follow a strict diet regimen, exercise, and even insulin shots. In addition to the care of a licensed veterinary professional, there are some […]

Canine Massage Therapy

If you are a pet owner, then you might have heard of canine massage. Canine massage has existed for centuries, but sadly not everyone knows about it, or practices it. If you read history books, you will see how important a role have animals (mainly cats and dogs) been playing in the life of humanity. […]

How to Prepare for Your First Pet

Becoming a pet owner involves both research and excitement. You have to determine what pet is right for you and make the necessary preparations once you’ve chosen your new companion. Consider the following tips to make the experience as smooth as possible. Research What’s Best A pet is a major investment, both in terms of […]

Annie: DGP’s October 2018 Dog of the Month

Meet our October Dog of the Month! Annie is a seven year old German shepherd who loves being around people and providing great company. She also loves a good pampering, like being brushed, and even enjoys getting her nails done! Annie takes DGP to help her joint issues that are common in older German shepherds. […]

Benefits of Work for Dogs

Dogs have been an integral part of our society for millennia. Not only are they a special part of our family, but thousands of dogs also work in service industries to provide even more assistance to the community. Whether they work with the police, military, or help those with disabilities, dogs have surely proven their […]

How to Care for Specially Abled Pets

With age comes a lot of physical changes. Just like humans, common symptoms of old age for dogs and cats is losing their sight and hearing. Despite this, they are still the same pet inside! Older dogs and cats, therefore, require just a little more attention and care. Safety Creating a safe environment for your […]

6 Top Tips on Hiking with Your Dog

Taking the leap from casual dog walks in the park to full blown hikes in the backcountry shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your bounding hound may think they are ready, but there are lots of things to consider before you head out peak bagging with your pup.Photo credit: www.coolofthewild.com To make sure both you and your canine […]