About DGP for Pets


Four-legged companions are an integral part of any family. You love to watch them grow, play, and evolve into the epitome of pet perfection. However, it is always hard to watch them age. That is why DGP was created. To give pets and their parents the opportunity to enjoy their golden years. With a 100% natural formula that works fast and results in as little as a week, DGP is here to give any furry friend their stride back.

Originally created for horses, DGP, partners with charities that promote health for all four-legged creatures. As an organization dedicated to the healthy development of animals DGP searches for charities that share the same beliefs. Our charitable partners look to rehabilitate and re-home animals.

DGP has been known to help senior animals enjoy activities that they used to in their younger days. Whether that be walking, running, or playing with furry friends, your pet will return to their former glory in a short period of time. DGP has been known to help senior animals find forever homes because of their instantaneous effects. Help give your pet a new leash on life with DGP.