DGP Cares: Paws for a Cause Charity Contest Results

DGP  is proud to announce the winners of the first ever

DGP CARES: Paws for a Cause Charity Contest! 


Thousands of people showed their support to nominate and vote for over 40 different Canine charities located across the U.S. Before we announce the three charities that received the most votes, we would like to first thank everyone who participated. Although only three charities will receive the donation this time, we truly believe everyone is a winner because, together, we all helped spread the word about many different causes and needs in the Dog Universe. Whether you nominated a charity, voted every day, or simply shared a “vote for my favorite charity” graphic, you helped spread an important message to your friends and family, and our fan base of over 10,000 dog lovers. In turn, you also helped us spread the word to those whose dogs are slowing down and struggling about DGP, a wonderful, all-natural supplement that supports dogs and cats with mobility and flexibility issues. We have helped many dogs return to their former glory and quality of life- and we hope to continue doing so for years to come. Thank you for supporting dogs in need! Now, onto the part that you have all been waiting for…

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Finishing in first place and receiving the first of three $500 donations is NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE. National Mill Dog Rescue is devoted to rescuing puppy-mill survivors. Over the past seven years, they have grown from the original group of three committed individuals—Theresa & Richard Strader and fellow-rescuer Helen Freeman—to a well-established, well-respected nonprofit whose day-to-day operations are handled by hundreds of volunteers. Since 2007, more than 8,400 dogs were rescued from puppy mills throughout the Midwest, Virginia and Tennessee. By providing extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, socialization and adoption services, each and every rescued dog has been assured a future life as a treasured pet.


Second place in DGP Cares goes to VALLEY OF THE SUN GIANT SCHNAUZER RESCUE. Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue began in 2002 with a cluster of people who connected via the Internet and with the encouragement of the local Miniature Schnauzer Group. Their mission is to rescue Giant Schnauzers in need, provide medical care when necessary, and find foster care placements where these dogs can begin the process of finding a forever home. Their dogs are vet checked, micro chipped and fostered to discover their habits. Ultimately, they look to find permanent homes that are best suited to each individual dog, where they may live out their lives in a happy, healthy and loving environment.


Receiving the third and final donation is WARRIOR CANINE CONNECTION. Warrior Canine Connection utilizes “Canine Connection Therapy” to help warriors recovering from the stress of combat reconnect with their families, communities and life. WCC teaches Service Members with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the skill of training mobility service dogs to be partnered with Veterans with mobility impairments. This worthy mission is specifically designed to reduce the symptoms of PTSD in the Warriors who train the dogs. These Warrior-trained service dogs are then partnered with Veterans to provide them years of loyal companionship as well as an increased sense of well-being and independence.


Stay tuned to DGP’s Facebook page and website for more information on each of the three winners and what you can do to support them. Thanks again for following our contest and we hope you continue to support these charities, that truly make a difference in dogs’ (and our) lives!

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